Destiny 2 Text Chat Disabled After Users Report Weasel Error Exploit

Bungie is investigating what's causing the Destiny 2 Weasel errors.

Bungie has disabled the Destiny 2 text chat on all platforms as it investigates an issue causing Weasel error crashes. Early player crash reports appear to stem from a malicious string of in-game text forcing players to disconnect.

Bungie says it’s aware of an exploit causing some players to be kicked and is investigating how to address the issue. According to user reports, the crash involves a text string sent through in-game Destiny 2 whispers. Players then disconnect, receiving a Weasel error and message stating, “Could not connect to Destiny 2 servers. Check your network configuration and try again.”

Destiny 2 Weasel error caused by in game chat exploit. Bungie has disabled chat.

A video shared by @Ritzzcar on Twitter demonstrates the crash on the affected player’s end. While Bungie did not directly address what occurred in the video, the developer first tweeted it was “investigating an issue with Destiny 2‘s text.” The team followed up shortly after to note Destiny 2‘s text chat is now disabled across all platforms.

It appears the first videos of the text string don’t share the entire message, and issues seem limited to disconnects. On Twitch, Destiny 2 streamers like Knitehawk were hit with the malicious text during PVP matches. Speaking to Fanbyte, Knitehawk explained they were kicked out of their Trials of Osiris match while streaming. Knitehawk says they were sent the message, subsequently kicked, but able to reconnect quickly.

“Luckily I was able to reconnect to that match,” said Knitehawk. “But if done enough times, it could have caused me to get kicked from too many matches and result in a temporary suspension from matchmaking.”

It appears several Destiny 2 streamers have been targeted with the malicious text, too. Other players like GernaderJake, LadyJackKnife, and GSXRClyde reported instances of the error. It’s somewhat of a relief the ordeal seems limited to crashes.  However, threats of temporary suspension — like the concerns mentioned by Knitehawk— are a headache for content creators and the community.

The game’s lead community manager, Cozmo, also followed up, thanking players for reporting the issues. It’s not fixed yet, but Cozmo says chat will come back on once the problem is resolved. Future updates from Bungie should be available over on its official @BungieHelp Twitter account, but for now, disabling text chat seems to be the temporary fix to protect players.