Destiny 2 Strand — What We Know About the New Subclass

Play Destiny Stranding with Lightfall's new powers.

It’s been a while since we got an entirely new subclass instead of a revision of an existing one, but the upcoming Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2 is introducing a new one called Strand. (Get your jokes in about this being the first Strand-type subclass now, because they’re going to get old real fast.) Here’s everything we know about Strand so far.

Guardians will learn to wield the new Strand powers in Destiny 2 from the alternate version of humanity on the planet Neptune while searching for allies against the Witness and the incoming Pyramid fleet. Strand is characterized by a green color and abilities that emphasize traversal. While the new Arc 3.0 powers are all about mobility and getting around fast, Strand is more about options for repositioning yourself during battle.

Destiny 2 Strand

In the lore, Strand is a kind of psychic energy that allows Guardians to peer into another universe and pull at the strings connecting the universe. Sort of weaponized string theory, I guess? Warlocks become telekinetic masters of Strand called Architects, allowing them to fire a barrage of missiles. Titans create claws that can deal area damage as Tyrants. Hunters, meanwhile, are Threadrunners who do flips while swinging their Strand chain around.

Destiny 2 Strand

Strand represents a totally-new power that’s discovered by Guardians wielding the Darkness in a different way to fight against Calus and the Witness. In addition to helping Guardians fight, Strand grants a kind of grappling hook ability that allows Guardians to launch themselves around areas. Presumably, Neomuna will feature a lot of verticality for players to explore with these new abilities.

We’ll have more information on Strand and the rest of the updates coming to Destiny 2 in Lightfall as Bungie releases them. I was definitely pretty far off, having thought we were going to get Darkness subclasses that reflected the different states of matter. That said, there is a rumor going around that Strand was called Vapor at one point, and if that’s true then I was pretty close on that. What do you think about Strand so far? Let me know in the comments.