Destiny 2 Lightfall — What We Know About Neptune

Get ready to explore the eighth planet of the solar system in Destiny 2.

Lightfall is the newest upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, and it’s bringing with it a brand new patrol location — Neptune. This planet on the edge of the solar system has rarely been mentioned in Destiny up until now, but here’s everything we know about it based on Bungie’s reveal stream today.

Neptune was first mentioned in the Forsaken expansion, and later again in Beyond Light and Season of the Chosen. In Chosen, Crow mentions that Cabal fleets may be “hiding something in its gravity well.” In Beyond Light, the lore for The Fourth Mark ship indicates that the Hive occupy Neptune’s moon of Nereid.

As an icy giant planet, Neptune might not seem like an obvious choice for a Destiny 2 patrol location, since we already have the cold moon of Europa. But Neptune isn’t all frozen gases and supersonic winds — instead, it’s characterized by vibrant neon cities populated by an alternate version of humanity we’ve yet to encounter in Destiny 2. These humans, called Cloud Striders, live in a city called Neomuna and will help Guardians learn the power of Strand, which will help us out in the war against the Witness and the Pyramid ships.

Neomuna appears to be a pristine urban environment which stands in stark constrast to most of the blasted human settlements of Destiny 2. It also looks different from the Dreaming City, with a more technological style that appears remniscent of Coruscant from the Star Wars series. It’s also a city under siege, as Calus has dropped his Shadow Legion forces, enhanced by Pyramid technology and assisted by Tormentors, directly into the middle of it.

That’s all we know about Neptune in Destiny 2 right now. Stay tuned for more updates as we receive them from Bungie. In the meantime, let me know what you think of Lightfall and Neptune so far in the comments below.