Destiny 2 Fortnite Warlock Ornaments With Different Shaders

Check out the Warlock's new threads in a whole mess of different shaders.

The Destiny 2 Fortnite collab is here, as Fornite-inspired skins are the new Eververse seasonal armor for the Season of Plunder. While all three sets are pretty cool, the Warlock one is probably the most iconic, being based on the Fortnite Drift skin. Unfortunately, Destiny 2 doesn’t let you preview new ornament sets with different shaders. If you were wondering what the Destiny 2 Fortnite ornaments looked like on the Warlock in different shaders, I took some screenshots so you could get an idea.

Here’s the basic, Default Shader version of the Painted Kitsune Warlock gear:

And here it is with a whole bunch of shaders. I tried to pick shaders from across the various seasons of Destiny 2, plus some that I just thought looked neat.

Destiny 2 Fortnite Ornament Warlock

Here’s Gift of the Nine, a shader I still don’t know why I have — I certainly wasn’t playing Destiny 2 back when Trials of the Nine was a thing. I think Shaxx was selling it at some point?


And, of course, I couldn’t not include Butterbark:

If you want to get the Destiny 2 Fortnite ornaments, you can pick them up for 1500 Silver right now — they’ll also be available for Bright Dust later in the Season of Plunder. And don’t forget that Fortnite is featuring some Destiny 2 characters too. Ikora, Zavala, and Elsie Bray, aka the Exo Stranger are going to be playable in Epic’s battle royale game.

What’s your favorite? Are you going to pick up the Destiny 2 Fortnite ornaments? Let me know in the comments below. We’ll have a lot more coverage of Season of Plunder in the coming days. For now, you can check out the most common bugs in the new season. And hey, don’t forget that all Destiny 2 expansions are free to play this week, so tell your friends. Want to know what’s coming in Lightfall? We’ve got some coverage of what we know about the new destination, Neptune, as well as information on the upcoming Strand subclasses.