Destiny 2 Expansions are All Free to Play This Week

Try out Destiny 2's expansions this week — for free.

Bungie’s Destiny Showcase stream happened earlier today, and there were a ton of announcements. We got a look at Lightfall, the upcoming expansion to Destiny 2, as well as a reveal of Season of Plunder. For players considering jumping into Destiny 2, now’s a great time to do it — Bungie also announced that all of the game’s current expansions will be free to play this week on all platforms.

From Shadowkeep to Witch Queen, Destiny 2‘s normally paid expansions will be freely available to all players, presumably until next week’s weekly reset. Destiny 2 is also launching on the Epic Games Store today, and players who download the game there can get the 30th Anniversary Pack as a free gift. This latter freebie will stick around indefinitely, but you have to grab it this week.

Destiny 2 can be a kind of overwhelming game to jump into. There’s a new player experience called New Light, but if you want to know more about the story, we’ve got a primer on the game’s narrative that can help get you up to speed. Today is a great time to jump into Destiny 2 though, or hop back into it if you’ve been out for a while. Season of Plunder introduces Arc 3.0, bringing the last Light subclass up to date with a host of customization options and overhauled abilities.

As for the free Destiny 2 expansions, Witch Queen is probably the most highly-rated out of the currently available ones, but it’s also the one that probably requires the most introduction to the world. Beyond Light introduced the Stasis subclasses, which let Guardians wield the powers of the Darkness while exploring the icy moon Europa. Shadowkeep, in comparison to these two, isn’t as exciting, but does feature some interesting narrative development around the fan favorite character Eris Morn. In any case, if you’ve wanted to check out some of Destiny 2‘s expansions but haven’t wanted to drop the cash, now’s your chance.