Destiny 2 Captain’s Coins Cheese is Speedrunning the Community Event

It’s been less than 24 hours and the Destiny 2 community has collected over 200 million Captain’s Coins. Yesterday the Eliksni Quarter improvement event tasked players with donating millions of coins to add housing, farming, and general improvements to this destination. Originally, players were required to grind through activities such as Public Events, strikes, and Crucible matches to earn these coins.

It was a very slow process, with most rewarding between 10 to 50 per run. However, as it often happens in Destiny 2, an exploit was discovered to obtain an infinite amount of Captain’s Coins for little effort. Discovered by Reddit user SlammyWhammy00, this Captain’s Coin cheese is remarkably easy to do so long as you own two specific seasonal upgrades.

Destiny 2 Captain's Coin Cheese

How Does the Captain’s Coin Cheese Work?

To perform the Captain’s Coin cheese you will need both the Under One Banner and Rumored Treasure Map upgrades at the Star Chart. These are found in the middle of the second row and at the very end of the third row. Once you have both and some Map Fragments, make your way to The Tower. Open up the Quests tab and select the Captain’s Atlas. From here, you will want to slot in the Plundered Umbral Energy Map and then interact with the donation chest.

Now click the arrow tab on the right to open up a second menu and donate all of your Treasure Coordinates. This will remove all of your Treasure Coordinates, so open up your Captain’s Atlas once again. Highlight the Rumored Treasure Map node with your cursor and then swap it out for the Plundered Umbral Energy Map that’s currently slotted. This will refund you 9 Map Fragments and 94 Treasure Coordinates.

You can now keep spamming this switch over and over again, earning thousands of Treasure Coordinates within seconds. After maxing out on Treasure Coordinates, slot the Plundered Umbral Energy Map, donate all your Treasure Coordinates for Captain’s Coins and repeat this process until you’re satisfied.

This is a terrific way for those who simply want to earn the new Ghost Shell and upgrade materials without going through the hassle of grinding out Lost Sectors. Keep in mind, I fully expect Bungie to patch this within a day or two, so make sure to get your donations in now! You’re helping the cute Fallen babies anyway, so don’t feel bad about cheating the system. It’s for a good cause and very on theme for a pirate season!