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Check Out this New Prime Gaming Drop for Destiny 2

Head over to Twitch today to get a new Destiny 2 Prime Gaming drop. This particular drop doesn’t include any Exotic Weapons, but since most players who’ve been around for more than a few months have all of them, that’s fine by us. Instead, the latest Destiny 2 Prime Gaming drop focuses on cosmetic items, giving Guardians two Exotic pieces and two Legendary. They are as follows:

  • Hit the Bag Exotic Emote (from Season of the Chosen)
  • Phalanx Shell Exotic Ghost (from Season of the Dawn)
  • Alton’s Ambush Legendary Sparrow (from Warmind)
  • Pumping Iron Projection (from Season of Defiance)

There doesn’t appear to be any semi-secret emblem attached to the drop this time, so it’s just these items. Still, not a bad haul for nothing.

To get the items in this Destiny 2 Prime Gaming drop, all you have to do is connect your Bungie account to your Prime-enabled Twitch account, then head over to the Destiny 2 Prime Gaming page. Once you collect the bundle, the items will be available in-game from Master Rahool in the Tower. Don’t go to Amanda Holliday’s old spot unless you want to feel sad about her being dead and/or sad about how badly her death was handled.

It’s interesting that we’re getting a current season cosmetic from this Prime Gaming drop, even if it is just a Ghost projection. The Phalanx Shell and Hit the Bag emotes are pretty neat, too. The sparrow, of course, is pretty indistinguishable from nearly every other purple sparrow in Destiny 2, but eh. What do you think of the drop? Let us know in the comments.

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