Bungie is Making Getting Deepsight Weapons Easier in Destiny 2

It’s once again time for the TWAB (This Week at Bungie) blog post, packed¬†with all sorts of juicy details coming to Destiny 2. Along with economy changes, new Strand aspects, and updates to Trials of Osiris, Bungie also revealed that the grind to earn Deepsight weapons will be much easier. In the blog post, Bungie explains that players can now make any weapon that can receive a red border get one via a new mod slot. This does come with some stipulations, however, this new Destiny 2 feature will allow users to acquire Deepsight variants of guns they’re struggling to obtain or ones from previous seasons.

However, to do this you’ll need to spend a new material that’s getting introduced in Season 21 called Deepsight Harmonizer. Earned via the Season Pass, Deepsight Harmonizer is available on both the paid and free rewards track. Players will be able to earn 6 in total, meaning you can only convert 6 weapons into Deepsight variants at a time and players can only hold one Deepsight Harmonizer at a time. This currency will not stack. Normal weapons will cost a single Harmonizer to upgrade, while raid weapons cost 12 Spoils of Conquest and 1 Harmonizer.

There are also some limitations as to what weapons can be affected by this new method of Deepsight conversion. The first is any weapons sold from vendors like Banshee-44 and Xur can be upgraded to become a red border. This makes sense given they’re the only sources for obtaining older seasonal weapons. As for raids, only guns you earn from encounters or secret chests will count. Any guns you can via purchasing them from their rewards chest after the final boss cannot be upgraded to the Deepsight version. However, given how difficult it can be to acquire all the red borders you need from a raid, this is a nice secondary method for filling out your crafting collection. You also cannot spend Harmonizer on a gun you’ve already unlocked the weapon pattern for.

While I am excited that Bungie is offering new methods for getting Deepsight weapons of past guns, the strict limitation on this currency is a little confusing. It’s similar to the transmogrification system, in that you’re limited to only a certain amount a season. Given how quickly metas can shift in this game, it definitely is going to cause a bit of frustration when someone spends all their Harmonizers to craft a single gun only for it to fall out of favor.

This change will go live when Season 21 launches in Destiny 2 later this month.