Bungie Comments on Destiny 2 Server Instability

In this week’s TWAB, Bungie commented on the server issues that have been plaguing Destiny 2 since the launch of Lightfall. Throughout the Season of Defiance, players have been experiencing disconnections and other technical problems, which have often resulted in the game going down for emergency maintenance. For most of the Season of Defiance, Bungie has been silent on these issues. But now, we finally have an official comment from the developer.

The stability issues, Bungie says, have been caused in part by their updating the back end of Destiny 2. These updates should, they say, improve stability and performance in the long run for all players, as well as allowing for a faster return to uptime when the servers do go down. However, in the short run, a number of issues have cropped up. For instance, staging the game’s weekly Tuesday update typically only requires a brief amount of downtime. But in some cases, the background update has wreaked havoc with the backend services, requiring that Bungie take the Destiny 2 servers offline for maintenance.

In order to address these problems, Bungie has a team focused on making corrections to their services so that background updates stop affecting the game’s performance in the future. While they’re working on that, Destiny 2‘s servers will undergo scheduled downtime, with the game expected to go offline for an hour and a half on every update day. Building this downtime into the update, Bungie says, should allow them to make the experience more stable and reliable for players.

It’s nice to finally hear from Bungie on the server issues that have been rampant in Destiny 2 since Lightfall was released. And we’re pretty content with the idea of expected downtime — better to know going in that the game is going to be offline every week than to be surprised by unexpected downtime.