Arc 3.0 is Adding a Hunter Blink and Titan Dash in Destiny 2

Blink and you'll miss it.

Bungie released some details on the changes coming to Arc subclasses in Destiny 2 next season today, and there are a whole lot to cover. Here, I want to specifically talk about the movement tech that Hunters and Titans are going to receive when Arc 3.0 drops next week. Since Arc is “the damage type that is about mobility,” according to the post, all classes will be able to benefit from increased movement speed via the amplified and Speed Booster buffs. Titans and Hunters, however, have a couple of new tricks up their sleeves — including a revised and returning Arc 3.0 Hunter Blink.

In Arc 3.0, Hunters are getting back the ability to Blink that they had back in the original Destiny. Blinking has been mainly the province of Void Warlocks in Destiny 2, though Hunters also got the Mask of Bakris a while back that gave them some limited Blink capabilities. Blink will presumably a selectable option for the Hunter Class Ability under Arc 3.0, and will have “increased travel distance and a reworked recharge model for the ability that will keep it fresh while still maintaining its effectiveness.” And never fear, Void Warlocks — Blink is getting a little buff for you, too.

Titans, meanwhile, are getting a new Class Ability called “Thruster.” This sounds like a pretty radical change to the Titan Class Ability, which is typically all about hunkering down. In contrast to the usual Barricade, Thruster will let Titans perform a quick evasive maneuver. This will take them about as far as a Hunter’s Dodge, though the player remains in first-person throughout. Presumably there will be some Exotics and possibly Fragments that enhance this ability, but even without them it’s going to add a whole new dimension to Titans in Crucible.

Arc 3.0 is shaping up to be pretty movement-focused, which is pretty much what I was anticipating. How are you feeling about the Arc 3.0 reveals so far? Are you excited about getting an Arc 3.0 Hunter Blink? Let me know in the comments.