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A Whole Lot of Things Are Broken in Destiny 2 Right Now

It seems that auto rifles being bad was the only thing keeping Destiny 2 running, because ever since the midseason patch dropped yesterday, a whole lot of things have broken in the game. Among these bugs include issues with several different mods, weapons, and subclass abilities.

Currently, the Firepower and Reaper mods do not appear to be spawning Orbs of Power at all, despite the game’s text messages implying that they are. The Reaper mod previously had issues closer to the launch of Destiny 2 Lightfall, but that seemed to have been addressed — well, it’s broken again. Additionally, grenade mods no longer appear to work with Strand grapple. If this was an intentional nerf, then it wasn’t announced in the patch notes. Ashes to Assets may also have been nerfed or is simply bugged.

Solar subclasses are running into issues, too. Radiant weapons do not appear to be stunning Barrier champions as intended, for one thing. Grenades don’t appear to be generating Firesprites, either.

Many players have noted that they can’t collect the keys to Amanda Holliday’s ship during the last step of the seasonal quest. It turns out that if you’ve reset your ranking at the H.E.L.M., then you already got the ship (you were supposed to get a Ghost shell, apparently). As a result, these players currently can’t complete the seasonal quest.

Other, miscellaneous problems have cropped up in Destiny 2 over the last couple of days too. The King’s Fall raid appears to be causing crashes. Some audio is rendering as distorted, too loud, or too quiet. Players may see the title icon flashing in the menu with no Triumphs to claim, possibly because they are earning Guardian Games medal triumphs despite the event not yet being in the game. And some players are noticing inconsistencies with the Resilience stat.

Many of these issues are obvious bugs, but some could be intentional nerfs. If they are the latter, however, then it would be nice if they’d been included in the patch notes for the update. Hopefully we’ll hear from Bungie this week about the numerous bugs and broken features currently affecting Destiny 2.

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