A Ton of Exotic Weapon Updates Coming in Destiny 2 Season 21

Bungie previously announced that changes were coming to a number of Exotic armor pieces in season 21 of Destiny 2. Today, they published a post listing changes coming to Exotic weapons in the Season of the Deep, and there are a ton of them. Here they are.

Destiny 2 Season 21 Exotic Weapon Updates

  • Eyes of Tomorrow now refunds one ammo when killing four targets with a single missile volley.
  • Graviton Lance is getting an increased RPM and rebalanced shot damage, with the damage between the two shots becoming closer together.
  • Jade Rabbit now has buff text to show when Fate of All Fools is active, and quickly hitting 3 crits will now refund 3 shots instead of just 1.
  • The Manticore is getting a boost to its catalyst’s damage resistance and increased movement speed while floating. Additionally, activating the catalyst perk now partially refills the magazine.
  • Lumina‘s Noble Rounds cap is getting increased to 6, from 5.
  • Heartshadow‘s damage increase now activates quicker while invisible, and inflicts a weakening effect while dealing any damage while that damage increase is active.
  • Worldline Zero‘s heavy attack can now be chained into itself once. The sword guard energy cost from each sprinting heavy attack is being reduced from 100% to 50%, but each attack will do 25% less damage to compensate.
  • Sweet Business now fires explosive rounds every 20 shots, with fewer shots required while fully spun up.
  • Legend of Acrius is getting a total ammo capacity increase from 12 to 16, and a maximum projectile distance increase from 9m to 12m.
  • Tommy’s Matchbook is getting a catalyst update — while overheated, sustained fire will scorch your target.
  • No Time to Explain‘s drone will now work against Barrier Champions when an Anti-Barrier pulse rifle mod is in play. The drone will also now work with Feeding Frenzy.
  • Skyburner’s Oath is getting increased scorch stacks — 5, up from 3, and 10, up from 5 with Ember of Ashes equipped.
  • Salvation’s Grip is getting a rework. Its charged shot will now fire a pattern of Stasis crystals, while its unchraged shot is a regular grenade launcher that does more damage to Stasis crystals and frozen targets. Additionally, it has a new perk that reloads the magazine from reserves when you quickly shatter 3 or more crystals with its uncharged shot.
  • Bad Juju is getting a recoil pattern similar to other pulse rifles.
  • Fighting Lion is getting fixed so it doesn’t do insane damage to red bars anymore.
  • Thunderlord is getting a bug fixed that allowed it to cast lightning strikes at a higher frequency than intended when firing at Divinity bubbles.
  • Winterbite is getting fixed so that it can’t be exploited to do massive damage to bosses anymore.

What do you think of the changes coming to Exotic weapons in the next season of Destiny 2? We’re most excited about the changes to Salvation’s Grip and Tommy’s Matchbook, though whether any of these weapons will become meta choices as a result of their buffs remains to be seen.