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Where to Find Antique Tableware in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Antique Tableware is apparently "A Great Gift for Your Buddies" for... some reason.

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Antique Tableware is an account item tied to the quest “A Great Gift for Your Buddies.” The game points you in the right direction to grab this apparently pleasing present, but doesn’t go into specifics. Just like most requests in Monster Hunter for that matter… That’s why we’re here to help with a quick guide! Let’s find some Antique Tableware in Sunbreak to snazzy up your Palico and/or Palamute.

Like a lot of side quests, this mission is deceptively simple. The name just tends to throw people off a bit. Antique Tableware doesn’t sound like most other Account Items in the game. So you might not realize it spawns exactly the same as mushrooms, bismuth, and other intangible goodies. It’s also slightly random — as all Account Items have a semi-random chance of awarding “rare” drops when you harvest from them.

To gather this drop in particular, you need to first find a node marked Unique Item: Stately Storage Box. These are strewn all over the new Sunbreak map known as the Citadel (where you fight Malzeno and several other important monsters throughout the Master Rank campaign). Any one of the nodes will do! Though the closest spawns almost directly outside of the starting camp.

To get there, simply head north from the camp in Area 1. Just past a few herbivores and some bushes is a river. You can see it on the map above — right where the red arrow indicating the player is located. This specific spot is also home to a bridge running over the water. Hop down into the river underneath this bridge and you’ll find a Unique Item: Stately Storage Box!

At this point you might simply get lucky and grab an Antique Tableware in one go. If so, congratulations! You’re done and you can return to base by selecting “Complete Quest” from the menu.

Players that don’t get a single Antique Tableware have a couple options. Depending on your hardware, it might actually be faster to simply start a new expedition. If you load fast enough (i.e. if you have a good SSD with the PC version of the game) it might actually be faster to retry at this spot than go hunting around for more. That’s because the actual best spot to find a lot of these specific gathering nodes is a bit of a trek. On the bright side, there are a lot of them in one place.

The hunt begins in Area 3. Before you even start the mission, however, make sure to bring a Barrel Bomb! You need one to blow open a wooden door.

monster hunter rise sunbreak antique tableware

Once inside the arena-like zone — near the center of Area 3 shown in the screenshot above — is a stone wall leading to the south. Use your Wirebug or simply wall-run up this section of rock. Also, if you get lost, just look for the three yellow “question mark” icons on your map. These indicate the Unique Item: Stately Storage Boxes that we want. They can act as a compass if you get turned around.

monster hunter rise sunbreak antique tableware

One top of the stone wall is a second floor of ruins. You should see the remains of destroyed houses nearby. Next to those, however, is the dilapidated well shown in the screenshot just above this paragraph. Note the green growth of vines leading downwards, too. You can use these to start climbing down the well in a controlled manner. This is useful because we need to enter a hole blown in the side of the well — only about halfway down the shaft.

In other words: don’t drop all the way to the bottom of the well.

monster hunter rise sunbreak antique tableware

Alternatively, if you’re quick and don’t mind trying to time it, you can jump down the well. You just need to use your Wirebug’s midair hang (Circle/B/A on a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo controller respectively). After which you can swing off the bug and into the hole shown in this latest screenshot. The timing is tricky, but if you miss you’ll just initiate a wall-run, giving yourself another chance to leap through the opening.

Or you can just grab back onto the vines and hop through that way. It’s really your choice. To reiterate, the important thing is simply to get through this hole in the side of the well interior — which is about halfway down the hole. Not at the bottom.

monster hunter rise sunbreak antique tableware

Inside here we finally come to a rotten, wooden door. This is the final opening and the reason we brought that barrel bomb from before. Similar to when you acquire the King Rhino for the “Economic Stimulation” side quest. Just place the bomb before the door and let it explode! Obviously this means giving it a good smack, depending on the type of bomb you brought, but the result should be the same. The door will disintegrate to reveal…

monster hunter rise sunbreak antique tableware

More boxes! Lots of them. Three in total, in fact, if you want to get specific. That’s three more opportunities to get yourself some Antique Tableware for “A Great Gift for Your Buddies.” Granted, everything you gather is random, which means there’s still a small chance that you won’t get what you need. Hence the earlier tip about simply reloading a Citadel Expedition Tour by speaking to Cichae the Quest Damsel.

However, though, you get what you need all in one go! There are other places to gather Antique Tableware in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, but these are the most effective. The first one is simply extra close to camp and the second one gives you three chances to get what you need after just one trip. The odds are definitely in your favor.

Best of luck!

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