Vampire Survivors Milky Way Map Guide: How to Unlock the In-game Map

Where to find the Milky Way Map to unlock the in-game map in Vampire Survivors.

The Vampire Survivors Milky Way Map is one of the items introduced in the major updates throughout 2022. The reverse bullet hell, which continues to morph and evolve during Early Access, has just received its latest update that introduced a couple new features. In addition, you can finally battle the final boss, but there are still ways to go until the game hits 1.0 and we get to see the final version of it. This guide explains where to find the Milky Way Map in Vampire Survivors in order to unlock access to the in-game map.

If you’re looking for more help, we have guides covering how to unlock the Stone Mask, Spellbinder, Giovanna, and a secret character, as well as all Arcanas and weapon evolutions.

Where to Find the Milky Way Map in Vampire Survivors

Introduced in patch 0.3.0 (which introduced the Dairy Plant stage for the first time as well as a bunch of other additions) the game showcased a new relic to find, which unlocks a rather helpful in-game map. In there, you can get access to details from special items you’ve uncovered, and the ones you haven’t yet.

In order to unlock the in-game map in Vampire Survivors, you first need to find the Milky Way Map relic by following these steps:

  • Pick any character and select the Dairy Plant stage (if you haven’t unlocked it yet, you just need to reach level 40 during any run regardless of stage)
  • Now, the goal is to head south and slightly towards the right for a few minutes following the green arrow
  • Eventually (it took me around three minutes on my run) you’ll stumble upon the Milky Way Map item towards a path slightly to the right
  • If you’re interested in grabbing the Ars Gouda relic, it’s in that same spot (grab the Milky Way Map, finish/lose the run, and then repeat the process to find the new relic in the same place)

That is pretty much it! From here, you’re free to continue with the run or just leave to the main menu. The relic is unlocked automatically after you grab it, so you shouldn’t have to worry about losing it. Keep in mind that the surrounding area is going to fill up with Knights that have tons of HP, especially if you just rushed to the location without bothering to leveling up much (which was my case as well), so the run may end sooner than later as a result.

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The in-game map in Vampire Survivors can be accessed by pressing pause at any time during a run. As mentioned, you’ll be able to see map icons displaying items that you’ve found so far, such as the Stone Mask in the screenshot I included above, and those that you’re yet to uncover, which are usually marked as question marks. Have fun not getting lost anymore!