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Vampire Survivors Stone Mask Guide - How to Unlock the Stone Mask

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There are many items to unlock in Vampire Survivors. Some of them are tied to achievements, including hints to what you should do in-game to unlock the attached item or character. In other cases, the hunt is a bit more involved, requiring you to complete a series of steps and locate the object as you play. If you’ve been wondering how to unlock the Vampire Survivors Stone Mask, this guide has the explainer of everything you need first, as well as the Stone Mask location.

How to Unlock the Stone Mask – Vampire Survivors

To unlock the Vampire Survivors Stone Mask, you first need to unlock the Inlaid Library. This is the second stage of the game, and you can access it after reaching level 20 in the Mad Forest. This can be done with any character, but I have a suggestion that can speed up the process.

Vampire Survivors Stone Mask 2

From the list of characters, Imelda is by far the best option to get to the Inlaid Library fast. Her passive grants her 10% more experience every 5 levels (up to a max of 30%). Considering that it only costs 10 gold to unlock her, it’s definitely worth investing. Plus, if you’re only just now starting with the game, you’ll be able to unlock Imelda for your second round already thanks to the low cost.

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Now, all you have to do is stay alive up to level 20. This is easier said than done, but it won’t take you too long — it was only 12 minutes on my end, after a couple retries that is. If you’re only starting, make the most out of these first couple runs to find items that may suit your playstyle.

Vampire Survivors Stone Mask 3

Some suggestions are King Bible, Santa Water, upgrading your Wand, and getting at least a level 2 Whip (by grabbing two of them). Imelda’s main attack is range-based, so the level 2 Whip helps to attack enemies coming at you from the front and behind on a straight line. King Bible will keep skeletons and bats at bay as it rotates around you (I highly recommend upgrading this one), while Santa Water isn’t mandatory, but can be of help once you’re at level 15 or so.

In addition, if you get the chance to grab a Crown, do it! This item is unlocked by reaching level 10 once, and it grants bonus XP, which is a perfect compliment for Imelda’s passive trait.

Stone Mask Location – Vampire Survivors

Once you get to the Inlaid Library, the Stone Mask location is found on the right side of the area. For this, you have to move towards the right of the screen, sticking to the upper corner as much as possible, which is where you’ll see the item.

Vampire Survivors Stone Mask 4

It’s a vague instruction, but it works — there is no map in Vampire Survivors nor does the environment changes radically. But as long as you keep heading to your right, you’ll get to the Vampire Survivors Stone Mask location in a short while. It took me 3 minutes to find the item, and this is considering a couple detours I had to take to avoid getting overwhelmed by enemies.

As for visual reference, you will sometimes come across two book shelves that are placed as columns to each side of an open room. It’s easy to spot them on the upper corner as they have an empty space with a small table at the top.

Vampire Survivors Stone Mask 5

Keep moving to the right until you’ll eventually find this same placement with the Stone Mask floating in the middle. The item has an animation and a pink-ish aura around it, so it’s hard to miss. Once you stumble upon it, just walk towards it to pick it up. The game will ask you if you want to get or discard, so go for the first option.

That’s all! The Vampire Survivors Stone Mask will be unlocked for future runs, and you’ll have it equipped for the remainder of your current session. Thanks to it, your character will earn 10% more coins. Oh, and speaking of which, if you’re looking to expand your roster, you should unlock the secret character.

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