Under Your Skin Destiny 2 Guide – God Roll and How to Get It

Added in Destiny 2 Season of the Risen, Under Your Skin is a precision frame Void bow that’s craftable and features a suite of useful perks. Let’s take a look at the best rolls for it in PVE and PVP.

How to Get Under Your Skin in Destiny 2

As a Season of the Risen weapon, Under Your Skin is available from Season of the Risen activities. It can be focused at the War Table, and can be crafted after you’ve obtained enough Deepsight drops of it.

Under Your Skin God Rolls

Under Your Skin PVE God Roll

  • Elastic String
  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft
  • Archer’s Tempo
  • Explosive Head or Successful Warm-Up

With Elastic String and a Draw Time Masterwork, you can bring Under Your Skin’s base draw time down to 576. With Archer’s Tempo, you can bring your effective draw time down even lower as long as you’re landing precision hits. And remember, Archer’s Tempo procs on hits and not kills, meaning that it’s effective even in situations like Grandmaster Nightfalls where kill-based perks are less reliable.

In the fourth column, you have your pick of Explosive Head or Successful Warm-Up. Explosive Head grants a straight-up damage buff and additionally reduces damage falloff at range. It’s an all-around great perk, and you may find that with Archer’s Tempo it’s all that you need to rapid-fire arrows. If you really want to get nuts, though, go with Successful Warm-Up. Explosive Head is typically going to be the better pick in endgame content, but Successful Warm-Up can bring Under Your Skin’s draw time down surprisingly far for a precision frame.

Overall, Under Your Skin is a fantastic bow for PVE content in Destiny 2. It pairs especially well with Void 3.0 subclasses, but can do work in any build. It’s got a solid Origin Trait in Land Tank. Plus, it’s craftable, so it’s easy to get the roll you want. The Enhanced versions of its best perks are nothing to write home about, but they’re there if you want them (or just want the gold border).

Under Your Skin PVP God Roll

  • Elastic String
  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft
  • Archer’s Tempo or Hip-Fire Grip
  • Explosive Head, Opening Shot, or Archer’s Tempo

Under Your Skin isn’t quite as effective in PVP as it is in PVE. However, it’s still a viable option if you like to wield bows in the Crucible. Again, Elastic String brings down its draw time, and Archer’s Tempo is still a great pick for the third column. Another possibility, however, is Hip-Fire Grip. In the fourth column, you can run Explosive Head or Archer’s Tempo just like in PVE — actually, the PVE god roll above works pretty well in PVP too. Alternately, you can roll with Opening Shot for a little more accuracy.

That’s about it for Under Your Skin. Be sure to check out our other god roll guides for Destiny 2.