The Most and Least Important Stats in Destiny 2

There are six character stats in Destiny 2, each affecting different aspects of the game. Through the use of armor pieces and mods, you can build into desired stats, though it’s impossible to max out all of them. So which should you focus on? Here are all of the stats in Destiny 2 ranked according to their importance in the game.

6. Intellect — Destiny 2 Best and Worst Stats

Intellect governs the recharge rate of your super ability in Destiny 2. The higher tier your Intellect stat is, the lower your super cooldown. This means you can use your super more often, which seems like a great deal. And sure, there are cases where you want to build into Intellect. But there are plenty of Exotics in Destiny 2 which can also increase the rate at which you get your Super back, so when players are looking for a stat to cut, Intellect is usually first on the chopping block.

5. Strength

Like Intellect, Strength affects the cooldown of one of your abilities — in its case, your melee ability. Again, there are situations where you want high strength. But if you’re running a melee-heavy build, you’re probably using some kind of Exotic or mod that helps you get your melee ability back quickly. Thus, Strength often goes by the wayside much like Intellect.

4. Discipline

Discipline is a little more useful than Strength for most Guardians simply because grenade abilities are typically more impactful than melee abilities. In both PVP and PVE situations, grenades can be great sources of burst damage, crowd control, and depending on your subclass, other effects too. Still, Discipline isn’t quite as useful as some of the other stats in Destiny 2.

3. Mobility

Mobility affects your walking and strafing speed as well as jump height. For Hunters, it affects the Dodge ability’s cooldown rate. This stat is especially important in PVP, where being mobile often means the difference between winning a firefight and losing one. But it matters in PVE as well, especially in endgame activities. The added jump height can make certain jumping puzzles a little easier, too.

2. Recovery

When you’re damaged, your Recovery stat determines how quickly you begin to recover health. For Warlocks, it also affects their Rift ability’s cooldown rate. Again, Recovery is critical in PVP, where being able to heal damage as swiftly as possible is a huge boon. But it matters in PVE too, and can go a long way towards keeping you alive.

1. Resilience — Destiny 2 Best and Worst Stats

Since its update in Season of the Haunted, Resilience has been without a doubt the most important stat in Destiny 2, regardless of what mode or activity you’re playing in. It currently gives a massive 40% damage reduction in PVE at the highest tier, making it a no-brainer when it comes to picking Destiny 2 stats to max out. In PVP, it gives you some extra health and flinch resistance. It’s worth noting that come Lightfall, Resilience is getting nerfed to provide only 30% damage resistance at tier 10. However, lower tiers will provide slightly more damage resistance in order to reduce the necessity of maxing it out.