The Best Void Warlock Build in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance

Lightfall brought a lot of changes to Destiny 2, including a radical overhaul of the mod system. This has changed up a lot of the best builds as players adjust to the new status quo. If you’re a Warlock who likes running Void, here’s a build that’s very effective in PVE.

Destiny 2 Void Warlock Build — Aspects and Fragments

The idea behind this build is to constantly have access to your charged grenade, which will in turn grant you constant access to Volatile Rounds. To do that, we’re running Chaos Accelerant and Feed the Void. These aspects allow us to charge our grenades and grant the Devour buff, which is great for survivability. For fragments, we’re running Echo of ExpulsionEcho of Remnants, and Echo of Reprisal. Combined, these make enemies explode when killed by grenades, make grenades linger longer, and grant super energy on kills when you’re surrounded.

You’ll want to run Vortex Grenades and probably Healing Rift. The choice of jump ability is up to you.

Destiny 2 Void Warlock Build — Gear and Mods

We’re running Contraverse Hold as our Exotic, which refunds Void grenade energy on a charged direct hit. While charging, you also get a 20% damage resistance buff. For other armor, as usual it’s nice to try and hit 100 Resistance, and if you’re able to hit 100 Discipline that’s also helpful in cases when you whiff your grenade and need it back.

For mods, running two Ashes to Assets is great for gaining super energy on grenade kills, which we’ll be getting a lot of. Harmonic Siphon and Firepower help for generating Orbs of Power. Double Grenade Kickstart gives us back even more grenade energy after you throw it, assuming you have Armor Charge. Charged Up lets you have more stacks of Armor Charge, which is always nice. Double Innervation restores grenade energy when we grab Orbs of Power, and Distribution gives us energy for all abilities when you use your rift near enemies.

For weapons, the Legendary SMG Funnelweb remains one of the best Void primary weapons in the game. However, it’s worth noting that Veist Stinger isn’t as powerful as it once was. Some other options for Void weapons include Veles-X, which can do a ton of damage with Golden Tricorn and Volatile Rounds; and Doom of Chelchis, which is a flexible and strong scout rifle. For heavy weapons, last season’s Retrofit Escapade is fantastic with Golden Tricorn. If you’re running a Void primary, then Witherhoard is always a good bet for a kinetic Special, but you can run whatever you prefer.

Seasonal Artifact Perks

Under the new Destiny 2 artifact system, unlocking a Seasonal Artifact perk automatically applies it. That means you can eventually have all of them active. If you’re looking at which perks to prioritize, however, then a few jump Out. Obviously, Authorized Mods: Void is going to be helpful in reducing your mod costs. Additionally, Volatile Flow is extremely powerful, giving you almost constant access to Volatile Rounds. Bricks From Beyond in the fourth column provides a chance to generate Heavy ammo whenever you defeat a powerful combatant with a Void weapon, and Void Weapon Channeling gives your Void weapons a damage boost when you defeat an enemy while you have at least one ability charged.