The Best Season of Defiance Weapons to Craft in Destiny 2

As with past seasonal releases, the Season of Defiance in Destiny 2 has brought a new slate of craftable weapons. Of course, crafting weapons takes time. You have to get their Deepsight drops, spend the resources to make them, and then spend time leveling them up. So, which weapons should you prioritize? Here are our picks.

Destiny 2 Perpetualis


If you’re looking for a reliable Primary Strand weapon, then Perpetualis is great. It has a number of fun perk combos available, like Envious Assassin/Target Lock, and it gets Hatchling for all your Threadling generating needs. While it lacks some of the common reloading perks like Outlaw and Feeding Frenzy, it’s still a solid weapon that will likely see more use if and when Bungie buffs auto rifles to bring them in line with SMGs.

Destiny 2 Regnant

Regnant — Best Season of Defiance Weapons to Craft

Essentially a Void Wendigo, Regnant gets Explosive Light and Auto-Loading Holster, which is always a fantastic combo on a grenade launcher. Rockets are the DPS meta at the moment, but if heavy grenade launchers come back then Regnant will be a strong pick. In the meantime, it’s useful for running solo content and the combination of Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds is just a blast for taking out adds and powerful enemies.

Destiny 2 Raconteur


If you’re a Stasis subclass user and you like generating crystals, then you need to pick up Raconteur. It’s probably the single best Headstone weapon in the game, given its high precision damage. Combined with Archer’s Tempo, you can spawn crystals like crazy. Given that bows are also Anti-Overload weapons in the Season of Defiance, you’ll get a lot of use out of Raconteur if you craft one.

As for the other Season of Defiance weapons, Royal Executioner and Prodigal Return are also pretty good, all things considered. But these three will probably be the most useful to most players. And Caretaker, well, it’s a sword — and not a particularly exciting one, given that it’s a mediocre adaptive frame.