The Best Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall Weapons

Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfalls are back in Season of Plunder, and these high-level PVE activities will test even the most hardened Guardian. You’ll need the right loadout for the best chances of clearing them and reaping the rewards, so here are our picks for the best weapons to use in Grandmaster Nightfalls this season.

Scout Rifles

Scout Rifles are a solid long-range primary ammo option for Grandmaster Nightfalls in Destiny 2. If possible, you’ll want to try to pick one that matches the activity’s rotating burn. Additionally, Season of Plunder also has an Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle mod. In most cases you’ll be better off with Arbalest or a sniper rifle for this purpose, but sometimes that won’t be possible.

  • Void: Doom of Chelchis/Vouchsafe
  • Solar: Vision of Confluence/Staccato-46
  • Arc: Tarnished Metal/Contingency Plan

Pulse Rifles

Pulse Rifles are going to be your best bet for taking out Unstoppable Champions in Grandmaster Nightfalls in Destiny 2, since the only other mod option this season is for shotguns. Like with Scout Rifles, it’s best to try and match your primary weapon to the elemental burn.

  • Void: Yesteryear
  • Solar: BxR-55 Battler/Ogma PR6
  • Arc: Insidious/Horror’s Least

Sniper Rifles

All hail the return of Anti-Barrier Sniper Rifle! If you’ve got an Adept sniper from last season and the Adept Big Ones mod, now’s a great time to put it to use. Since you’ll probably be using a primary weapon that matches the energy burn, you’ll likely be using a kinetic sniper. Here are some options that drop from a variety of sources.

  • Silicon Neuroma
  • Thoughtless
  • Praedyth’s Revenge


Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of options for dealing with Overload Champions in Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfalls this season. The weapon mods are for LMGs and bows, and of those two the latter is going to be more reliable, with the added benefit of not taking up your Power weapon slot.

  • Void: Le Monarque
  • Solar: Strident Whistle
  • Arc: Arsenic Bite-4b

Rocket Launchers

Against bosses that are hard to tag with Linear Fusion Rifles, rocket launchers are a solid DPS option. As with primary weapons, matching the elemental burn will give you a huge advantage here.

  • Void: Royal Entry
  • Solar: Ascendancy/Gjallarhorn
  • Arc: The Hothead

Linear Fusion Rifles

The boss DPS weapon of choice in situations where you can easily get a clear shot, Linear Fusion Rifles in the Power slot pair naturally with Arbalest in the kinetic slot, giving you double the return on your LFR ammo mods. Arbalest continues to be ubiquitous in Grandmaster Nightfalls, being one the most reliable and easy-to-use Anti-Barrier weapon in the game that doubles as a great way to pop stubborn Match Game shields in a pinch.

  • Kinetic: Arbalest (duh)
  • Void: Taipan-4fr
  • Solar: Cataclysmic/Sleeper Simulant
  • Arc: Stormchaser