The Back Way Quest, Banshee Workshop Location – Destiny 2 Leviathan’s Breath Guide

It's a two-for-one deal: an Exotic bow and some sad dialogue from Banshee. Yay!

Make Bows, Not War. Banshee-44 is in the Tower and he wants to give you an old exotic bow of his. The Leviathan’s Breath is now available via The Back Way quest. He’ll ask you to do him a few favors including finding the actual Banshee Workshop—he is still incredibly forgetful and can’t remember where it is.

Overall, this quest is pretty easy to complete and has no time gating. Just get to working on the quest steps and you’ll have a new exotic bow in no time!

Note: You must be 800 Power Level for Banshee to offer you this quest.

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Step 1: The Back Way– Find Banshee’s Workshop

Banshee-44 wants to give us a new weapon! The problem is Banshee is being forgetful once again and can’t remember where the secret entrance to his workshop is. He can give you a hint, though: begin your quest in the Hangar of the Tower.

There’s a secret pathway up on top of the scaffolding in the main room. Follow the stairs up and look for the pipes that run into the wall. The rest of the route is mostly self-explanatory. You only ever have one path to walk — climbing up crates, falling into vents, and eventually hopping up a ledge or two. Check out these images to help get you through!

Banshee-44 wants to give you a weapon stored in his workshop, but he didn’t specify how to get in. Locate the hidden entrance to Banshee’s workshop and find the weapon.

“Banshee said Cayde knew about some secret entrance. If it were up to me, I’d say we should start looking in the Hangar. It’s where Cayde spent all his time.” —Ghost

Step 2: Where Are the Keys, Sir – Return to Banshee

We found the Bow! But it’s locked in a display case. Time to talk to Banshee.

You found a Bow in a display case in a room that’s got to be Banshee’s workshop. Problem is, the case is locked. Return to Banshee to complain. (Politely, of course.) “Well. I can’t say I’m surprised.” —Ghost

Step 3: Intro to Safecracking 101 – Complete Gambit Matches or Strikes

The display case has a rotating keycode which we’ll need to piece together since Banshee can’t remember it. You can rebuild the code by completing Gambit matches and Strikes. Gambit Prime and Nightfall matches accelerate progress.

You’ll need a total of 100 points. Nightfall strikes reward 50 points so they’re probably the best bet now that they have matchmaking. You can also do normal strikes for 20 points, Gambit matches provide 25, and Prime gives 35.

You need a rotating keycode to access the Bow in Banshee’s workshop, but the original has been lost. You’ll have to generate a new code following the same steps that Banshee did. First on Banshee’s list is to get out into the field to seed a key generator with combat data. Seed data for a new keycode by completing Gambit matches or Vanguard strikes. Gambit Prime matches and Nightfall strikes grant the most efficient progress.

“I’m still stuck on what would happen if we DID break the glass…” —Ghost

Step 4: Advanced Safecracking 201 – Precision Kills with Bows

We need targeted data which obviously means precision kills with bows against Vex and Cabal. Get 75 of them! The Conflux Lost Sector in Nessus has plenty of targets.

The key generator is seeded with viable combat data, and it can now output keycodes… but to constrain the possible set of generated codes, Ghost says you’ll need to provide the generator with some more targeted data. Literally. Use a Bow to land precision final blows against Vex or Cabal.

“This will bring us down to something like… hmm… 32,000 possible codes? Somewhere around there.” —Ghost

Step 5: Economics of War – Complete Arms Dealer Strike

Head to Earth and complete The Arms Dealer strike! This is a special strike with a switched up ending. It also has matchmaking, so don’t worry about that.

The key generator needs just a little more data before you’re ready to return to Banshee for final authentication. To further limit the possible codes the generator can create, you’ll have to recreate the conditions under which Banshee programmed the first codes: fighting Red Legion forces during the Red War.

“Think we’ll have time to drop by to say hi to Devrim? It’s been a little while…” —Ghost

Step 6: Applied Cryptosecurity – Return to Banshee

Now we just need a biometric authentication from Banshee. Back to the Tower!

You’ve completed all the necessary calibrations on the key generator. The only thing remaining is a biometric authentication from Banshee. Return to Banshee-44 in the Tower.

“This has been refreshingly straightforward.” —Ghost

Step 7: Martial Archery 401 – Return to Banshee’s Workshop

We’ve got everything we need. Time to unlock the display case and claim Leviathan’s Breath! Follow the previous path back up to Banshee’s workshop to find it.

Return to Banshee’s workshop to claim the Bow.

“I wonder what this Bow meant to him. Every weapon Banshee makes has some kind of story.” —Ghost

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