The 10 Best Weapons for Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 (February 2023)

The Trials of Osiris is Destiny 2‘s hardest of the hardcore PVP mode. Only available on weekends, it pits two teams of three against one another in round-based survival combat. You might be wondering what the best Destiny 2 weapons to take into Trials are, and if so, we’ve compiled a list for you. While these weapons won’t guarantee your victory, they should give you a leg up. We’ve tried to select a range of weapons to suit various playstyles, with a mix of Exotics and legendary weapons too.

No Time to Explain Destiny 2

1. No Time to Explain — Best Destiny 2 Trials Weapons

No Time to Explain is one of the most-used primary weapons in Trials of Osiris right now, and for good reason. It feels great to wield and fire, has an easily activated Exotic perk, fires full auto, and can easily take down enemies at a distance if you’re accurate with your headshots. An all-around fantastic pick for Trials.

Destiny 2 Best Trials Weapons Matador 64

2. Matador 64

If you’re looking for a good shotgun to use in Trials, Matador 64 is one of the best. What makes it so good? The recent adjustments to shotguns gave Matador 64 a more vertical spread pattern since it’s a precision frame, which means it’s easier to get precision hits. Perpetual Motion is also a huge plus on this gun, boosting your stability, handling, and reload speed while you’re in motion. If you’re running a shotgun in Trials right now, it’s probably Matador 64.

Destiny 2 Best Trials Weapons Rose

3. Rose

Most people know this by now, but Rose isn’t just another kinetic 140 hand cannon. As a lightweight frame, it gives you a boost to mobility while still doing the damage of a 140. That alone would be enough to make Rose a viable PVP weapon, but it also has a great perk spread including things like Perpetual Motion, Rangefinder, and Explosive Payload.

Destiny 2 Best SMGs IKELOS_SMG

4. IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 — Best Destiny 2 Trials Weapons

Most Destiny 2 players know that the IKELOS SMG is one of the best PVE weapons in Season of the Seraph. However, it’s also a solid pick for Trials. Of course, you’ll want to run different perks. A few suggestions for perk combos are: Perpetual Motion/Rangefinder, Dynamic Sway Reduction/Rangefinder, or Dynamic Sway Reduction/Tap the Trigger. For barrel, roll with either Smallbore or Full Bore.

Destiny 2 Best Trials Weapons Beloved

5. Beloved

Returning after a long absence in Season of the Haunted, Beloved is now craftable which helps a lot with getting the perfect roll. The classic Snapshot Sights/Quickdraw combo is here, of course, but you could also do Firmly Planted in the third column if you prefer that. And yes, it has Incandescent, but you likely won’t see much luck with it in Trials — it’s much better in Quickplay.

Destiny 2 Best Bows Le Monarque

6. Le Monarque

Le Monarque has a lot going for it. Its poison arrows can not only scare people off rezzing teammates, but the damage over time they do can be used to keep track of foes behind cover. Plus, it’s got Snapshot Sights.

Destiny 2 Best Trials Weapons Cloudstrike

7. Cloudstrike — Best Destiny 2 Trials Weapons

You might think that Cloudstrike wouldn’t be as effective in Trials as it is in Quickplay, which is a much more target-rich environment. But this Exotic sniper rifle can still do a lot of work in 3v3, too. It doesn’t have Snapshot Sights which is a bit of a bummer, but it does have great handling. And those rounds when you do happen to wipe the other team with a precision hit? Those are priceless.

Destiny 2 Disparity Deepsight

8. Disparity

Possibly the best PVP weapon to come out of Season of the Seraph, Disparity has a lot of possibilities to work with. The Outlaw/Kill Clip perk combo is a solid and reliable one for kill-chaining, letting you proc that damage buff as quickly as possible after a precision takedown. There’s also perks like Headseeker, Headstone, and Rapid Hit to work with if you prefer those. Since the range is already so good, you don’t necessarily need Accurized Rounds — try Tactical Mag or Flared Magwell instead.

Destiny 2 Dead Man's Tale

9. Dead Man’s Tale

It’s been a killer in the Crucible on and off since its introduction, and with the buff it received in Season of the Seraph, Dead Man’s Tale is once again a great choice for Trials. Honestly, most of the perks on this thing have some utility, but you probably want Vorpal Weapon, Snapshot Sights, or Moving Target.

Destiny 2 Ace of Spades

10. Ace of Spades — Best Destiny 2 Trials Weapons

Ah, Ace of Spades. This hand cannon has got to be one of the longest-running Competitive Crucible favorites in Destiny 2. First off, you’ve got Firefly for potential collateral damage. But then you also have Memento Mori, which gives you bonus damage shots when you reload after a kill. If all of that wasn’t enough, you get to keep your radar while you’re aiming down sights. Just a fantastic package and one that’s well-suited for Trials.