Stay Frosty Destiny 2 Guide – God Roll and How to Get It

Added in this year’s Dawning event in Destiny 2, Stay Frosty is a lightweight Stasis pulse rifle. Is it worth using? What are some of its best rolls? Let’s take a look.

How to Get Stay Frosty in Destiny 2

You can obtain Stay Frosty through the 2022 Dawning event in Destiny 2.

Stay Frosty God Rolls

Stay Frosty PVE God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Appended Mag or Ricochet Rounds
  • Well-Rounded or Thresh
  • Headstone or Adaptive Munitions
  • Masterwork: Stability

As a lightweight Omolon pulse rifle, Stay Frosty is similar to the Ogma PR6, a well-respected PVE weapon in Destiny 2. Stay Frosty’s stats are a little tweaked, and it has different perks, but the main difference here is that it’s a Stasis weapon rather than a Solar one. There are pros and cons to that — it won’t benefit from elemental burns in Nightfalls, but it does get a boost from Font of Might on Stasis subclasses. (The Dawning-specific Origin Trait is useless outside of the event, since all it does is generate Dawning gifts.)

Unfortunately, Stay Frosty’s perk selection is a little limited. Sure, you’ve got Desperado in the fourth column, which is always fun, but the lack of a good reload perk in the third to pair it with is a bit of a letdown. In fact, there’s very little of value in the third column for PVE at all. I suppose that Well-Rounded could work on Stasis subclasses — especially Warlocks using Osmiomancy Gloves who have essentially infinite grenades — but it’s pretty weak. God, Thresh? Are we really going to use Thresh? I don’t know, there’s nothing in the third column that screams PVE utility to me.

In the fourth, there’s the aforementioned Desperado but you’re probably better off running Headstone or even Adaptive Munitions. Both are solid perks, it’s just a shame that Stay Frosty is let down so badly by its poor perk pool in the third column. Well, at least we got Disparity this season too.

Stay Frosty PVP God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Ricochet Rounds
  • Moving Target or Killing Wind
  • Kill Clip
  • Masterwork: Range

I think Stay Frosty is probably going to be more effective in PVP than PVE, based on its perk pool. Here you can benefit from neutral perks like Moving Target and Crucible-tuned ones like Killing Wind. The latter plus Kill Clip is a pretty solid kill-chaining combo, and the mobility boost from using a lightweight frame will no doubt be appreciated by many Guardians. The risk, of course, is of being outranged by other kinds of frames.

That’s about it for Stay Frosty. Be sure to check out our other god roll guides for Destiny 2.