Some Builds to Consider for Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

The Season of the Deep launches tomorrow in Destiny 2, and as we now know the Seasonal Artifact and the new Strand aspects, we can get cracking on theorycrafting some builds. We’re not going to go into depth here — we’ll wait until the new season drops along with new Exotics — but here are a few ideas for builds you might want to consider in season 21.

Season of the Deep Builds — Titan

Arc Titans were already pretty powerful in the Season of Defiance, but the lack of seasonal artifact mods for Arc subclasses made them less common than other options. But there are a ton of great Arc perks in the Season of the Deep artifact, so Arc Titans are only going to get more powerful. We loved rolling with this Insurmountable Skullfort build in Season of Defiance, and you can improve it with artifact perks like Thunderous RetortAmped Up, and Shock and Awe.

Strand Titans are also going to be in a pretty great place in Season of the Deep. One artifact perk in particular, Strand Soldier, is going to be great for Titans. It grants Unraveling Rounds to Strand weapons whenever you have Woven Mail, and Titans can get that buff on demand with the Abeyant Leap Exotic. Strand Soldier pairs great with Improved Unraveling. And don’t forget that Squad Goals will let you spread the Woven Mail to your fireteam by performing a finisher.

Season of the Deep Builds — Hunter

The new Threaded Specter Strand aspect for Hunters is pretty neat and gives them some non-Void misdirection tactics. Depending on what the cooldown is like, this could be wild with the newly reworked Radiant Dance Machines. Pair with the Strand artifact perks mentioned above for maximum impact.

We’re not sure exactly what the damage scaling of the reworked Oathkeeper is going to be, but given that Void has some nice artifact perks in Season of the Deep, using that plus Leviathan’s Breath on a Void build could be downright silly. Supernova, in particular, seems like it could be great. Unto the Breach makes it easier than ever to get Void Breaches too, which is nice.

Season of the Deep Builds — Warlock

Stormcaller hasn’t been the most popular Warlock subclass in Destiny 2 PVE for a while, but Season of the Deep might shift things a little. Arc Warlocks already have some great Exotics in the form of Crown of Tempests and Fallen Sunstar, but Chromatic Fire and Vesper of Radius are both getting significant buffs next season. On Arc subclasses, Chromatic Fire will cause a blinding effect on precision kills that could be extremely useful. And Vesper of Radius will now create improved shockwaves that also blind when you’re running Arc. Vesper plus Shock and Awe could potentially be a lot of fun.

Strand Warlocks, too, are getting some fun new toys in the Season of the Deep. The new aspect The Wanderer will likely see a lot of play. It works well with either Mindspun Invocation or Weaver’s Call, since it not only improves Tangles, but Threadlings as well. If you want to build into Threadlings, consider using Swarmers or even Sanguine Alchemy if you’re running Weaver’s Call, which is getting a buff to improve weapon damage that matches your subclass while you’re in a rift.