PSA: Go Talk to Zavala After Today’s H.E.L.M. Quest in Destiny 2

Make sure to finish the short H.E.L.M. quest this week!

It’s the last week of Season of the Haunted which means there’s one final story moment to experience before Destiny 2’s next season. When you load up the game, head to the H.E.L.M. and approach the front of the ship. Calus will appear and make one final address, explaining that if we won’t come willingly then he will devour us instead. After speaking with him it’s easy to think this quest is over, but you will actually want to head to The Tower next.

Once you arrive, go and speak to Zavala. He will be offering up an Ascendant Shard, which you must have room for in your inventory to accept. If you’re full, I recommend infusing a piece of armor so you can free a slot up otherwise you cannot collect the reward from Zavala. Upon accepting the Ascendant Shard you will also unlock the Trauermarsch exotic Sparrow. This is the only way to earn this Sparrow so I definitely recommend snagging this before the season is up.

For the unaware, Bungie will be hosting the reveal of the Lightfall expansion before the next season’s launch on Tuesday, August 23. Of course the biggest addition next season will be the reprised raid which drops that Friday, August 26th. There’s been a lot of speculation about what the raid could be with many suspecting the raid is King’s Fall due to its sheer popularity. Make sure to check in with us next week for all of the latest news about both Lightfall and whatever the next season is about.

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