Is It Worth Bounty Prepping in Destiny 2 Before Lightfall Releases?

We’re almost at the release of Destiny 2’s next major expansion, Lightfall, releasing worldwide. Set in the hidden city of Neomuna on Neptune, players will battle against Emperor Calus’ army of Darkness-infused Cabal enemies. There are a ton of changes coming to Lightfall, many of which have not been revealed or fully detailed yet. This has left many wondering if there’s even a point to bounty prepping before the Lightfall expansion releases.

Should You Bounty Prep Before Lightfall?

Yes and no. 

Whether you decide to bounty prep or not entirely depends on what you plan to do when Lightfall releases. For the average player who is hopping into Lightfall to experience the new story, try out the Strand subclass, and shoot some aliens you really don’t need to worry about this. Even those that consider themselves endgame PVE players don’t have to concern themselves with storing experience. This is because the experience you earn won’t have as dramatic of an impact on your character’s Power level since players can earn a soft-cap armor set by completing Lightfall’s campaign on Legendary difficulty.

However, for those looking to participate and complete the day one Lightfall raid then you will want to start hoarding your bounties. This is because the experience you gain will level up your artifact and unlock new seasonal mods for you to use. Given how crucial and powerful some of the later artifact mods can be, having access to them as soon as possible can be a game changer. Again, this won’t matter if you plan on participating in Lightfall’s raid after the Contest modifier has been removed. Having artifact mods is always useful, but rarely necessary to complete a normal raid.

Now, there is always a chance that Bungie either disables players’ ability to carry over bounties from season to season or alters the way difficulty functions when Lightfall launches. At the moment, everyone is operating under the assumption that these features will remain the same as they were when the Witch Queen expansion dropped. If you do plan on bounty prepping, I strongly recommend using the website Destiny Recipes. Once you link your account to it, the website will track your bounties, suggest which ones you should complete, and even show how much experience you’ll earn. It’s a terrific way to know exactly what bounties to go for and what turning them all in will net you.

Lightfall is set to release on February 28th for all available platforms.