How to Unlock the Solar 3.0 Fragments & Grenades in Destiny 2

Flame on.

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted is here, and it’s the spookiest addition yet. With the return of Emperor Calus’ mighty Leviathan, players are tasked with venturing into this massive ship to deduce what has happened to this corrupted vessel. Along with the new Nightmare Containment activity, players will be able to earn new weapons, armor, and cosmetics for your Guardian. The Leviathan is also a brand new patrol zone, allowing players to freely explore this haunted ship to their heart’s content. Did I also mention there’s a new dungeon dropping this Friday? Yeah, there’s a lot to do in Season 17.

Perhaps one of the most exciting additions is Solar 3.0, which sees a complete overhaul to the Solar subclass. Similar to Void and Stasis, Solar will now have universal grenades that all of the classes can use, Aspects that dramatically change how the subclass functions, and fragments that enhance various abilities. Unfortunately, these won’t be automatically unlocked when you launch the new season, so here’s how to get your hands on Solar 3.0.

(Author’s Note: At the time of writing this, it appears there may be some Fragments that haven’t been released. This is because the Fragment box doesn’t have a checkmark like the others when you purchase all the Fragments. I suspect more will unlock either when the dungeon is released on Friday or later in the story.)

Destiny 2 Solar Fragments

How to Get Solar 3.0 Fragments

When you load up into Destiny 2, head to The Tower. You can do this either before or after you complete the story mission that you’re thrust into once you select your character. Upon arriving in The Tower, make your way over to Ikora on the right side of the structure. Speak to her and select the orange-colored rectangle in her menu. This will open up Ikora’s Solar 3.0 inventory, where you can view all the different additions and abilities available. You’ll notice that both the grenade and Fragment tabs won’t have a checkmark next to them.

Highlight either of these and select them to bring up an additional submenu. You can now purchase any of the grenades or fragments you don’t have with Glimmer. Grenades will cost 3,000 Glimmer a piece, while Fragments are a whopping 25,000 Glimmer.

Once you’ve purchased everything in both menus, exit out and move to the right of where Ikora is standing. You’ll be given the option to meditate, which unlocks all of the grenades and Fragments you just purchased. If you don’t meditate, you won’t have access to any of them. You’ll need to buy these for each class, so prepare to spend a fair amount of Glimmer if you want everything. Once they are unlocked, you are free to equip and use them however you want!

For the unfamiliar, Solar 3.0 brings several changes to each of these fiery subclasses. Titans will get a new melee called Consecration, which sees them deliver a double hammer uppercut and then slam them down. This unleashes a wave of fire that burns anything in front of it. As for Hunters, they’ll get a new grenade called the Gunpowder Gamble. Essentially a bunch of trip mines wrapped together, this ability can be shot out of the air to kill anything in its blast radius. Finally, Warlocks have the Incinerator Snap, which launches a wave of firey projectiles that can stick to a single target and chain-detonate.

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