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How to Unlock the Mount Rokkon Variant Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV

A new challenge awaits.

Variant Dungeons were first introduced to Final Fantasy XIV in Patch 6.25 and brought a new type of content that players could spelunk in that provided a different experience almost every single time. Mount Rokkon, the newest addition to the mix, provides another new challenge and mysteries for players to discover.

These level 90 variable difficulty dungeons contain 12 paths that players must figure out the secrets to. Some paths are easier to figure out than others. Variant Dungeons are the normal mode of the two types of the dungeon, which is an easier version Criterion Dungeons and Criterion Dungeons (Savage). This content can be run with one to four players, although the content is much faster and more fun to run with friends, assuming you have those.

How to unlock the Variant Dungeon Mount Rokkon

In order to unlock the new dungeon, players must first head back to Old Sharlayan and pick up the quest “Mononoke Aware” from the Shallow Moor at X: 12, Y: 13.3. Pre-requisites for this quest are that you have completed the quest “Endwalker” and have also already spoken with the NPC Osmon in Old Sharlayan at X: 11.9, Y 13.3.

Once players have unlocked Mount Rokkon, they can go on to unlock the Criterion Dungeon as well, but certain conditions must be met that have not been explained in the patch notes. Criterion Dungeons are much harder for players to figure out and should be done with a coordinated group. This content is akin to Extreme fights, with the Savage version of them serving as the hardest version of Mount Rokkon.

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