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How to Unlock the Shishioji Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

It's a lion, it's a tiger, it's a... man? Oh my.

Players can unlock several new unique rewards after completing Final Fantasy XIV’s newest Variant Dungeon in Patch 6.45, Mount Rokkon. However, the mount version of the fearsome Shishioji requires even more effort to obtain than its paper lantern counterpart.

Defeating the bosses through the several routes of Mount Rokkon awards players Rokkon Potsherds to exchange for new items such as the Rose-colored spectacles Fashion Accessory and other unique glamours. When speaking with the trader that hands out these rewards, Warriors of Light with keen eyes may notice a second currency listed that they didn’t earn throughout their runs – Shishu Coins.

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Shishu Coins come from the Criterion version of Mount Rokkon, aptly named “Another Mount Rokkon.” With each successful run, you are guaranteed to earn four Shishu Coins. It may not sound like much work, but Criterion Dungeons are no walk in the park since their difficulty is comparable to Extreme Trials or Savage Raids.

The base difficulty of Mount Rokkon offers flexibility with its Variant Actions, making it more accessible to undersized parties or groups who’d prefer a non-standard party setup. Another Mount Rokkon is more rigid in structure, requiring the standard light party makeup of one tank, one healer, and two DPS jobs. There is one fixed route, the enemies pack a punch, the only Variant Action you’re allowed to use is “Variant Raise” and it can only be used once. With the ability for each player to raise their fallen party members, it may not sound so tough, other than one detail – healers cannot use their job’s standard raise ability.

How to get the Shishioji mount in FFXIV

There are three ways to add the Shishioji mount to your collection. The first is through Shishu Coins from “Another Mount Rokkon”, where players will need to earn 100 of them to exchange to Trisassant, the Guildship Exchange, in Old Sharlayan (X: 12.0, Y:13.3). Earning only four Shishu Coins at a time means that you’ll need 25 total successful runs of Another Mount Rokkon before you have enough to exchange for the Shishioji mount.

Queuing for the “Another Mount Rokkon” is the same as its base difficulty version. Use the V&C Dungeon Finder, but this time head to the Criterion Dungeons tab after completing the initial quest for Mount Rokkon.

Image via Square Enix

As you might expect, the second method of obtaining the mount is pure luck. There is a chance to fall into RNG’s good graces and have the Shishioji Flute drop from the last chest of Another Mount Rokkon, though those familiar with farming Extreme Trials for mounts will know how rare they can be.

The third way to earn Shishioji is only accessible to Warriors of Light with deep pockets and more gil than they know what to do with. Unlike the Burabura Chochin mount, Shishioji is tradeable, meaning you can find it at your nearest market board. The price for new, rare mounts is usually incredibly steep, and purchasing the Shishioji Flute with gil will surely put a big dent in your funds.

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