How to glamour your Scholar’s faerie in Final Fantasy XIV

Selene isn't gone, you just have to know where to find her.

Scholars in Final Fantasy XIV had a choice between two trusty healing companions, Eos and Selene, before Patch 6.4. The option of which appearance to use still exists, but it’s no longer as straightforward as it used to be.

Patch 6.4 introduced Pet Glamours to the Scholar job, allowing players to choose from various appearances for their faerie. While the ability “Summon Selene” may be gone but not forgotten, a quick quest will unlock the ability to change the appearance of Eos.

Completion of the level 30 Scholar job quest “A Faerie Tale Come True,” given by Thubyrgeim in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 4.7, Y: 11.4), is all that’s needed to begin the process of glamouring your faerie. This will unlock the /petglamour command and grant access to a variety of appearances for Eos, such as the different colored Carbuncles and the fairy counterpart Selene. 

Scholars of all levels need to complete this quest if they’re looking to glamour their faerie since it’s not retroactively unlocked for those who may have already completed their job quests.

All Pet Glamour options for Scholar’s faerie

Using the /petglamour command requires the format “/petglamour [summon] [glamour]” and requires re-summoning Eos to take effect. While the in-game help command might say that the likes of Titan-Egi, Ifrit-Egi and Garuda-Egi are applicable, those options are only available to the Summoner job. With that in mind, here are all of the available commands to glamour the faerie Eos.

  • /petglamour “Eos” “Selene”
  • /petglamour “Eos” “Carbuncle”
  • /petglamour “Eos” “Emerald Carbuncle”
  • /petglamour “Eos” “Topaz Carbuncle”
  • /petglamour “Eos” “Ruby Carbuncle”
  • /petglamour “Eos” (to return to original appearance)

Just like when glamouring gear, any changes made to Eos are purely cosmetic. No appearance provides any benefits over the other, but it does bring more customization and personality to the Scholars throughout Eorzea.