How to Get the Trespasser Catalyst in Destiny 2 – 2022 Sources, What Does it Do

A Locust's favorite weapon.

A whole lot of Season of the Haunted is a return to the earlier Destiny 2 Season of Opulence. Not everything is about Austringer, CALUS Mini-Tool, and Beloved, however. As per usual, Bungie has added a catalyst alongside the new season pass exclusive Trespasser exotic sidearm. Here’s how to get the catalyst including information on how to level it up and what perks it adds to Trespasser.

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How to Get the Trespasser Catalyst

You can obtain the Trespasser catalyst by completing the No Trespassing quest. You can start this quest after obtaining the new exotic sidearm from the paid season pass, or after earning it at level 35 from the free season pass. Once you have the weapon, head to the Tower and talk to Banshee-44. He’ll give you a multi-step quest to earn the catalyst.

No Trespassing Quest Step 1

The first step is really simple. All you need to do is get 50 precision final blows with Trespasser, 50 kills with any kind of Arc damage, and a total of 50 Fallen defeated. Those last two tasks can be completed with any abilities or weapons — there’s no need to rely exclusively on Trespasser.

No Trespassing Quest Step 2

Next up is a more grindy task, but it’s one that should become easier as you progress through the season pass and unlock the Catalyst Quest Boosts. You will need far fewer than this to actually complete the quest step, but at a base level with no season pass progress, you would need to defeat 450 targets. You also need the usual 200 Calibration Data from Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible playlist completions. Remember that Nightfall completions, Gambit wins, Crucible wins, and Guardian kills reward extra progress.

After that, you’re done! Return to the Tower and ask Banshee for the new catalyst.

How to Level up the Trespasser Catalyst

You can level up the Trespasser catalyst by eliminating 700 foes. There doesn’t appear to be any kind of bonus for certain game modes; just use the gun a whole bunch or grind it out quickly.

There are many places where you can complete this catalyst, but you should note that the old Thrall hallway in the Shattered Throne dungeon has been patched to no longer grant any kind of XP or catalyst progress. You can use the beginning of the Shuro Chi encounter or Grasp of Avarice as an alternative.

We recommend activities like the Blind Well and Altars of Sorrow as terrific alternatives. The latter throws huge numbers of weak Hive enemies at you, making it easy to complete this catalyst. At least with the new primary infinite ammo addition, you can literally just stand in one place as lines of enemies run at you. Sadly, our other recommendation, the Kingship Dock Lost Sector in The Tangled Shore, has been vaulted with the launch of The Witch Queen. This was an extremely short Lost Sector packed with enemies you could swiftly go through in a couple of minutes.

What Does the Trespasser Catalyst Do?

The Trespasser catalyst provides a single perk: Tunnel Vision. This perk gives you a buff when you reload after defeating a target by greatly increasing target acquisition and aim-down-sight speed for a short duration. It’s no game-changer, but it certainly helps double down on what the gun already wants you to do.

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