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How to Get Island Prisms in Final Fantasy XIV

Reflect your imagination into the island of your dreams.

Island Prisms in Final Fantasy XIV saw little use before Patch 6.4, but with the addition of furnishing glamours to Island Sanctuaries, players will want to stock up if they plan on decorating their private paradise.

Before Warriors of Light could place outdoor furnishings around their Island Sanctuary, the sole use of Island Prisms was to change the appearance of any constructed facilities around the island to a state that island renovators had previously unlocked. It wasn’t much in terms of customization, but it made the island feel like your own.

Now players can use Island Prisms to register outdoor furnishing items as glamours, allowing them to place a single item as many times as they see fit across their island. With up to 120 items that can be registered to the Glamour List, stocking up on a stack of these Island Prisms will be vital in creating the Island Sanctuary of your dreams.

How to craft Island Prisms in Final Fantasy XIV

Island Prisms are crafted by any Disciple of Hand job that is level 90 and has their respective Master Recipe IX unlocked. Those missing Master Recipe IX from their collections can exchange 400 White Crafters’ Scrips at the Scrip Exchange in Radz-at-Han (X: 11.5, Y: 9.4) to unlock the Island Prism recipe.

The recipe requires two Clear Prisms and a material unique to the job crafting it. The amount needed of the unique item in question varies with each job, so you may find one Disciple of Hand’s recipe preferential over another’s. Here are all of the materials each DoH job requires in addition to the Clear Prisms:

  • Carpenter: three Palm Lumber
  • Blacksmith: three High Durium Ingot
  • Armorer: three High Durium Ingot
  • Goldsmith: three Pewter Ingot
  • Leatherworker: three Luncheon Toad Leather
  • Weaver: three Almasty Serge
  • Alchemist: three Enchanted High Durium Ink
  • Culinarian: nine Perilla Oil

These materials combined with the two Clear Prisms and usual clusters required for crafting, you will receive three Island Prisms after each successful synthesis. The recipe has a recommended Craftsmanship of 3180, so make sure that your gearset is properly outfitted for the task. Island Prisms are tradeable, however, so if you would prefer to let other players do the crafting for you and let your money do the talking, they can also be bought from the nearest market board.

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