How to Easily Complete the Robber Baron Triumph in Destiny 2

Force a solo experience to make sure you're able to take out Ruffians.

We’re a few weeks into Season of Plunder in Destiny 2 now, and many players likely have their eye on the Scallywag seal and title. Probably the trickiest triumph — aside from the crafting one that can be completed with a bug — is Robber Baron. This triumph requires players to defeat 50 Ruffian enemies, which only appear during the Expedition activity. The problem is that Ruffians only spawn at specific intervals and despawn when players have completed a wave. And since Expedition always has matchmaking on, you can’t normally run the activity solo to ensure you take the Ruffians out. You might think you have to play with a fireteam to complete this triumph effectively, but there is another way — for PC players, anyway.

Players have been frustrated with the forced matchmaking of Destiny 2 for some time, and some of them have found creative solutions. One such solution is the Destiny 2 Solo Enabler, a small program that modifies the Windows firewall rules and prevents Destiny 2 from matchmaking with other players. The program is a simple on/off switch and doesn’t affect or change anything in Destiny 2 itself, only your computer’s firewall. That means you can turn it on and effectively load into Expedition solo, meaning you can grind out those Ruffian kills for the Robber Baron triumph without worrying about other players rushing ahead.

There are a couple of caveats here, though. First, this only works for PC players. PlayStation users have had some success with setting their clock ahead to get into the game solo, though. Second, while the script the program executes doesn’t interact with Destiny 2 at all and Bungie community managers have said that use of said script is not currently a bannable offense, there’s no guarantee that Bungie won’t crack down on it in the future. As long as you’re not queueing in competitive modes like Crucible or Gambit, though, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The Robber Baron triumph wouldn’t be such a problem if, for instance, Ruffians didn’t despawn, or if it tasked players with taking out the jammers who appear and halt the entire activity until they’re defeated. As it is, this triumph unfairly punishes solo players and any players who are completing the Expedition activity efficiently, so I don’t feel too bad about using the Solo Enabler to rack up Ruffian kills. Hey, it’s Season of Plunder — let’s be bad guys.