How to Complete the Destiny 2 Absolutely Stunning Challenge

Each season, Destiny 2 presents players with a list of Seasonal Challenges to complete. These challenges award experience, Bright Dust, and occasionally other items. One typical challenge tasks players with stunning a number of Champions. In Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph, this challenge is called Absolutely Stunning, and requires players to stun 50 Champions. Completing this challenge awards a large amount of Bright Dust and experience, so you’ll likely want to do so.

Of course, you could complete Absolutely Stunning over the course of normal Destiny 2 play. You’ll find Champions in seasonal activities, Nightfalls, and other modes, so it’s easy to gradually build up your number of stuns. If you want to just get this challenge out of the way, though, there’s a quick — if a little boring — way to do that.

To quickly complete the Absolutely Stunning challenge in Destiny 2, load into a Legendary Lost Sector, preferably one with an Overload Champion near the beginning of the area. Bunker E15 on Europa is a good choice for this. Clear out the other enemies in the area, then stun the Champion, but don’t kill it. Once the Champion has recovered, stun it again and repeat.

An Overload Champion is usually the best choice since they present the most opportunities to stun them. Unstoppable Champions can work too, however. With Barrier Champions, you have to wait for them to put their shields up. If you’re using Stasis, this can also accelerate the process, since freezing Champions will sometimes kick them out of the stun cycle.

In a Lost Sector like Bunker E15, this process can go pretty quickly. Again, you’ll probably complete this Seasonal Challenge just by playing Destiny 2, but this is a way to speed through the process and net yourself some experience and Bright Dust.