How to Beat the Psionic Purge Challenge in Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has finally been released and there’s a ton of new content for players to sink their teeth into. Along with a new story, exotics, loot, endgame content, and a build crafting system, Lightfall also introduces our second Darkness subclass, Strand. Of course, one of the biggest draws is the new raid, Root of Nightmares. On the Witness’ pyramid ship, players will battle through hordes of Cabal enemies to face off against formerly imprisoned, Nezarec. Like previous raids, Root of Nightmares has challenges that players will need to complete if they want to unlock the Dream Warrior title. Here’s how to beat the first challenge, Psionic Purge during Root of Nightmares’ Cataclysm in Destiny 2.

Psionic Purge Challenge Guide

To complete this challenge, you will need to kill all of the Psions within 1 second of each other in the first encounter. This means, every pair of Psions that spawn must be killed at the same time, otherwise, you will fail this triumph. Because of this, you will want to ensure that you assign two people to Psion-killing duty, as there’s not enough time for a single person to slay both within a second. Once the encounter begins, have both players run to their respective Psions and step inside their bubble. Now have one of these players give a three-second countdown before punching or shooting their respective Psions. If done correctly, they should both be killed at the same time.

Where things get a bit tricky is sometimes if the Psions despawn the triumph will fail. Now, this doesn’t always happen, but it did a few times when my fireteam was attempting this challenge. You will want to ensure that there are no Psions left when your runner shoots the last orb, otherwise, there’s a slim chance that this challenge will fail when the Psions despawn. The biggest hurdle you’ll need to clear is speed, as you are constantly racing against the clock. Make sure your Psion killers always prioritize getting to these enemies above everything else. If you’re really struggling you can always toss on a sword with Eager Edge to quickly dash around the map.

Once you bring the Light to the last orb, if you have been diligent about killing the Psions at the same time you will complete the Psionic Purge challenge. Remember, the game will notify you at the bottom of your screen if you fail this triumph. After completing the challenge, make sure to turn in the triumph to increase your chances of getting the Conditional Finality raid exotic!