How the Envious Assassin Perk Works in Destiny 2

One of the best new weapon perks in Destiny 2 Lightfall is Envious Assassin. This perk can overflow a weapon’s magazine when you get rapid kills with other guns. However, its description doesn’t fully explain how it works. As a result, some players are having trouble activating the perk. Since it’s one of the most useful in the game right now, here’s a brief explanation of how Envious Assassin works in Destiny 2.

To proc Envious Assassin in Destiny 2, you need to score rapid kills with another weapon. What counts as a “rapid” kill is around one every few seconds. If you have the Enhanced version of the perk, the timing is a little more lax. Note that it also matters what kind of weapon you get the kills with. Scoring kills with a primary weapon will boost your magazine by 10% per rapid kill. Special and heavy weapons, on the other hand, will give you an extra 20% to the magazine.

After scoring a bunch of rapid kills, you have to switch to the weapon with Envious Assassin within 10 seconds of ending your streak. This is crucial, because otherwise the perk won’t activate and you’ll have to start the process all over again. Once you swap, that weapon’s extra magazine will be preserved until you fire it enough that it’s below its default magazine level.

Note that the weapon with Envious Assassin must be at or below its default magazine size in order to proc the perk. If you’re getting a bunch of rapid kills with another weapon then swapping and finding you haven’t overflowed the magazine of your gun at all, this is why. The way Envious Assassin works, it can’t activate when you’ve already overflowed the magazine even by a little. So if your fusion rifle normally has a magazine of five and you get a couple of rapid kills then switch and it’s now at six, you’ll have to fire that shot if you want to try for another streak to overflow it further.

That’s about it for Envious Assassin in Destiny 2. As we said, it’s an extremely powerful perk, but it does require a little bit of setup and planning to use effectively.