How to fix Error 3070 in Final Fantasy XIV

The issue may not be from your end.

Players can receive many error messages in Final Fantasy XIV that prevent them from enjoying their time in Eorzea. As frustrating as they can be, some instances, such as Error 3070, aren’t always the user’s issue to solve.

Error 3070 states, “World data could not be obtained. Please try logging in later.” This is usually seen when first attempting to log in, though it’s been known to appear when players change instances or areas. The game presents you with a black screen as if trying to load, then the error occurs. It leaves many scratching their heads, but typically the issue isn’t from the players but the servers themselves.

Solutions to Error 3070 in Final Fantasy XIV

If there are issues with Square Enix’s servers, the only solution is patience. Consult The Lodestone’s Server Status page or FFXIV’s News Twitter to see if specific Worlds or Data Centers are functioning correctly or undergoing maintenance. If they are offline, then all you can do is wait.

If the World in question is online, but it’s still impossible to connect, then the tried and true method of “turning it off and back on again” may be a solution. Restarting the game or system has been reported by players to solve the issue on a case-by-case basis.

If rebooting the game and the system doesn’t solve the problem, restarting the internet router may be another solution. Different routers have different methods of rebooting them. The general practice is to unplug the router from power for 10 seconds before plugging it back in, but it’s best to consult the manual to see if the manufacturer has a preferred way of restarting the device. Once the internet service is back online, attempt to log in again.

Error 3070 can be a true test of patience for those itching to return to their adventures in Eorzea. Usually, when this error is widespread, Square Enix is quick to bring back service unless undergoing scheduled maintenance.