FFXIV Alliance Raid Guide: Myths of the Realm – Aglaia (Patch 6.1)

By the Twelve… it’s four of the Twelve!

Rhalgr, the Destroyer. Thaliak, the Scholar. Nald’thal, the Traders. The Twelve loom large over the background of Final Fantasy XIV. They are the patron deities of whole cities like Old Sharlayan and Ul’dah, or the namesakes of towns like Rhalgr’s Reach.

Hidden high above Silvertear Lake is a monument to these gods. A place where they conversate and cavort, safe from mortal eyes. With your recent adventures in Endwalker, this place is now accessible as a newly-named zone: The Omphalos. From here, you’ll face four of the Twelve for the first instance of the Myths of the Realm alliance raid series in their first sanctuary, Aglaia.

Be warned that this raid guide contains minor spoilers for what happens in Aglaia. If you prefer to preserve the surprise of these trials for yourself, give them a try before referring to a guide. Then, come back here if you have trouble!

How To Unlock Aglaia

Aglaia is the first of three wings for Endwalker’s 24-player Alliance Raid series and the beginning of the Myths of the Realm plotline.

The first unlock quest is “A Mission in Mor Dhona” from Fresh-faced Student in Old Sharlayan (X: 9.1, Y: 11.5). It will only be available once you’ve completed the post-Endwalker main scenario quest in 6.1, “A Brother’s Grief.”

First Boss: Byregot

You’ll fight Bryegot, the Builder in an arena of his own forging. This is a square arena that begins with no hazard zones on the edges.

Phase One

  • Ordeal of Thunder: A party-wide AoE of moderate damage. Healers, be prepared.
  • Byregot’s Strike: Byregot raises his hammer and brings it down for a raid-wide knockback indicated by a glowing blue circle on the arena. It does not do damage as long as you’re not standing inside the circle.
  • Byregot’s Ward: The tankbuster. Main tank, use your cooldowns, but also realize there’s some splash damage, so turn the boss away from the raid.
  • Builder’s Build: At the end of this cast, Byregot’s tattoos will glow, signifying stronger attacks.
  • Byregot’s Strike (After casting Builder’s Build): In addition to the original blue-glowing knockback, this version will create several conal AoEs radiating out from Byregot that will do hefty damage and give you a stack of Vulnerability Up. You’ll see glowing yellow lightning zones under the boss that will telegraph where they’re coming from.

This is a standard phase, with the boss just working his way through his initial attacks. When he states, “Behold the virtuosity of the Builder!” that’ll mark the first transition to Phase Two. Two line AoEs will appear on either edge of the arena; upon the phase transition, these areas will disappear.

Phase Two

Now the edges of the arena have no walls, meaning you can fall off to your death. Those knockbacks are now a much bigger problem. You’re working with a 3×5 grid, so keep that in mind.

  • Hammer Divine: Four hammers will appear on either side of the arena. Eventually, these hammers will hit the arena, shifting their respective lane one square over. This leaves only one lane of the grid free from danger. Players do not move along with the lane shift, meaning you can fall off the arena when the floor is pushed from under you. Hammer Divine will happen randomly during this phase, in tandem with other attacks.
  • Levinforge: Byregot drops a hammer on the arena with a purple line AoE. After a few seconds, this hammer will blast through an entire column of the arena. The trick is you need to watch for Hammer Divine since it’ll shift the arena along with this line AoE, making it a challenge to determine a safe zone away from the AoE and arena shift.
  • Byregot’s Spire: The boss moves to one side of the arena, creating a huge three-lane-wide line AoE covering most of it. At the end of the cast, he’ll blast across the AoE. The trick here is to look at the Hammer Divine and find what will be the safe space after the hammers shift the arena. You will have just a second to position yourself before this line AoE hits.

Finally, Byregot slams the arena with his hammer, transitioning to Phase Three.

FFXIV Byregot Reproduce

Phase Three

This is an enhanced version of Phase One, with a new attack.

  • Reproduce: Byregot creates clones of himself on one edge of the arena — one in each of the five lanes. Some will glow with lightning; others will not. These clones will slam the ground, creating a series of large circle AoEs across their lane. The lightning-charged clones attack fast; the non-charged attack slow. You want to stand in a non-charged lane on the opposite side from the clones. Once the fast circle AoEs pass, move into those lanes to be safe. Each hit of the attack, Cloud to Ground, will inflict a stack of Vulnerability Up, so be careful.

From here on, Byregot will transition between Phases Two and Three. Phase Two is the one that will kill droves of players if they’re not paying attention, but once you have it down, it’s smooth sailing.

Mini-Boss: Rhalgr’s Emissary

Prior to fighting Rhalgr himself, you’ll run into the bird-like Rhalgr’s Emissary. It’s a quick fight, but the mini-boss has enough attacks to warrant listing them all.

  • Destructive Static: The mini-boss attacks one half of the arena. The AoE marker pops up a split second before it goes off, so pay attention to the boss itself to telegraph the attack.
  • Destructive Charge: Two balls of lightning will trace the floor of two opposing quarters of the circular arena. The attack will hit anyone inside of the space traced by these balls, so pay attention and move to the safe quarters.
  • Lightning Bolt: This creates circle AoEs underneath some raid members three times, so stay on the move.
  • Bolts from the Blue: Raid-wide AoE. Heal through it.
  • Boltloop: Creates a pair of subsequent AoEs, starting with a circle AoE pattern, followed by two donut AoEs. Find the safe spaces in-between them.
  • Destructive Strike: The tankbuster. Use your cooldowns, tanks.

FFXIV Rhalgr

Second Boss – Rhalgr

You’ll fight the Destroyer in the palm of a giant statue that bears his likeness. This is a weird shape for an arena, but it does factor into a few of the boss’s moves. Be careful, too — you can fall off the sides and in-between the fingers.

Phase One

  • Lightning Reign: A raid-wide AoE that does moderate damage. Get ready, healers.
  • Advent of the Eighth (Standard): The main mechanic of the fight. Two of the loops floating above the boss will appear at the edge of the arena, one glowing orange and the other glowing purple. These loops can either be facing straight across the arena in the standard version or angled upward in the alternate version. This is important for a later mechanic.
  • Hand of the Destroyer: The boss raises either his right or left arm. Halfway through the cast, the other two loops will hover on the sides of the boss, also glowing orange and purple. At the end of the cast, the raised arm will smash down on the loop below it. The corresponding larger loop from Advent of the Eighth will have a giant arm punch that half of the arena.

You need to note the position and color of the loops from Advent, as well as the arm the boss is raising for Hand above which smaller colored loop. It is a lot, and it’s a bit hard to see with a whole raid’s attacks going off.

FFXIV Rhalgr Phase Two Key

Phase Two

  • Broken World: Rhalgr summons a meteor with a proximity AoE. Move away to minimize damage.
  • Rhalgr’s Beacon: A large circle AoE marker with green arrows radiating from it. Once the cast finishes, this will push everyone back from the AoE. You want to position yourself so that you’re pushed back into the fingers of the arena, which will prevent you from being thrown off.
  • Destructive Bolt: A tankbuster on the enmity leaders (which should be your tanks) of each alliance. Tanks, use your cooldowns. Spread out away from the raid, as it does have a bit of splash damage.
  • Lightning Storm: Circular AoE markers on certain raid members. Move away from the raid to avoid overlapping damage.
  • Advent of the Eighth (Alternative): In this version, the loops will be angled upward. This is combined with Broken World; if the proximity marker is under an angled loop and Hand of the Destroyer passes through, it’ll create a whole bunch of smaller proximity markers on the rest of the arena. If you see this combination, the safe space is actually underneath the initial proximity marker.
  • Bronze Work: A series of alternating conal AoEs covering the entire arena. First, you’ll get the four conal AoE markers in a starburst pattern, then a second set of AoE markers in the gaps, and then circle AoEs under certain raid members. Stand in the second set of markers, then move into the spaces made by the first set once they go off, then dodge the circle AoEs.
  • Hell of Lightning: Rhalgr summons purple eclectic orbs around the arena. These will eventually explode in larger circle AoEs.

The real focus here is the combination of both versions of Advent of the Eighth, the alternating Hand of the Destroyer, and Broken World. Rhalgr will have two straight loops, two angle loops, or one each — essentially combining the standard and alternate versions. The Broken World meteor may or may not be on the side that’s angled, so you’ll have to pay close attention to whether or not the meteor will scatter into multiple proximity AoEs or one big one..

Mini-Boss: Lion of Aglaia and Lioness of Aglaia

Your next mini-boss encounters are the Lion of Aglaia and Lioness of Aglaia. The pair attack in tandem, starting with Double Immolation, which is the raid-wide AoE.

Slash and Burn will see the pair marked with number one and two orbs above them during the cast, as they mark the arena with a donut AoE and a point-blank AoE. The AoE markers will overlap, making it look like there’s no safe spot, but they’ll attack in the order indicated by the orbs. You can tell which Lion casts which attack by their position. Dodge one AoE, then the other.

 Roaring Blaze also sports the numbered orbs as markers, with the Lion cleaving one side of the arena and the Lioness the other. Dodge the first attack, then the second. Getting hit adds a stack of Vulnerability Up, which can add up quickly.

FFXIV Azeyma

Third Boss – Azeyma

Azeyma, the Warden, keeper of the sun and goddess of inquiry, is your next fight. You’ll face off against her in a circular arena.

  • Warden’s Prominence: Raid-wide AoE. Heal through it.
  • Solar Wings: Azeyma attacks with very wide conal AoEs on both of her sides. The narrow safe spots are in front and behind her. This creates Solar Flair orbs that eventually explode in circle AoEs. After the first cast, this will be combined with…
  • Sun’s Shine: Azeyma creates clones of herself that move next to a set of Solar Flair orbs. These will face a direction and cast a wind attack, blowing any nearby Solar Flair orbs in the direction they’re facing. Your safe spot is generally under the clones.
  • Warden’s Warmth: A tankbuster on all three tanks with a sizable damage radius. Tanks: split apart, move away from the raid, and use your cooldowns.


  • Solar Fans: The boss throws out two fans to either side of herself in chunky line AoEs. This attack is a setup for…
  • Radiant Rhythm: The fans will rotate around the border of the arena a few times. Don’t get caught in their path since they do damage in a ring pattern. When the boss casts Radiant Finish, the fans will explode in large circle AoEs.
  • Fleeting Spark: A massive AoE covering most of the arena — the only safe spot is behind the boss
  • Solar Fold: The boss creates four line AoEs in a cross pattern at the cardinal directions, which leave small squares burning on the arena. These squares will slowly grow, dividing the arena into quadrants. At the same time, the boss will cast Sun’s Shine. This time, the wind will ignite when it passes through the burning regions and light up two quadrants, becoming Dancing Flame. You want to stay close to the clones to avoid damage, but make sure there aren’t overlapping ignited zones.

FFXIV Azeyma Wildfire Ward

  • Wildfire Ward: The mechanic that will likely wipe folks. The boss lights the floor on fire, except for a safe triangle region underneath her. You’ll see three sets of arrows mark the floor, indicating the sequence in which you’ll be knocked back. You need to remember the order because the eventual knockbacks will come in that order. Position yourself each time to not be knocked out of the safe zone. If you do, you’ll take damage from Illuminating Glimpse and the Burns debuff.
  • Noble Dawn: Azeyma summons a sun that creates three sets of random, growing circle AoEs. Wait for the first set to explode, then move into the safe zones they leave behind to avoid damage.
  • Sublime Sunset: A proximity AoE marked at one end of the arena. Move far away to minimize damage.

After Rhalgr, Azeyma’s patterns aren’t that complicated. This is one of the easier fights in the raid as long as you don’t let the Vulnerability Up debuffs stack.

FFXIV Nald'thal

Final Boss – Nald’Thal

The final fight of the raid is against the twin gods of trading. Nald and Thal are two gods in one body. You’ll fight in a circular arena with an instant kill hazard zone on the edge.

Phase One

  • As Above, So Below: A raid-wide AoE that’s also the setup for one of the next three attacks in various combinations.
  • Heat Above, Flames Below: As this is casting, the boss will divide the arena into a glowing red circle AoE underneath itself and glowing blue donut AoE covering the rest of it. The color of the lamps outside of the arena will let you know which section is unsafe. Blue lamps — the outside part is unsafe. Red lamps — the inside. Pick wrong and you’ll get hit hard with Flames of the Dead and get a Vulnerability Up stack.
  • Far Above, Deep Below: Certain raid members will be marked with tracking markers. When the cast ends, a series of AoE explosions will start underneath these members. They should move to the outer edge of the arena and move clockwise or counter-clockwise to avoid sharing damage with each other and the  raid party.
  • Once Above, Ever Below: There will be a set of circle AoEs in the cardinal directions colored either orange or blue. Like Heat Above, Flames Below, look at the color of the lamps outside the arena. The AoEs that match the lamps will explode outward in a series of circle AoEs. Stand near the other set to avoid damage.


  • Heavens’ Trial: The boss will target some raid members with conal AoEs that will briefly track them. Spread out and avoid the rest of the raid party. There will also be a stack marker on another player. Every unmarked player, stack to minimize damage.
  • Golden Tenet: The stacking tankbuster. Tanks should stack together and use cooldowns to minimize the damage.
  • Hell of Fire: The boss will cast purple light on one half of the arena. This is the side it’ll cleave when the cast is done.
  • Wayward Soul: A series of slow-moving meteors will slam down on the arena. The first three sets will have a safe spot on the arena, furthest from where they strike. The fourth is a  gauntlet of six meteors with each one falling in succession in a clockwise pattern. You want to be just behind the safe space created by earlier strikes to avoid damage.


  • Fired Up: This attack comes in a series of two or three casts in succession. The boss will mark a spot on the arena marked by a number of diamonds, letting you know the order of attack. It’ll also briefly charge the space, creating another marker that will let you know the type of attack: either a knockback or point-black AoE. When the boss casts Fortune’s Flux, those attacks will happen in order. Position yourself to not get knocked back to the edge of the arena or into any point-blank AoE.

FFXIV Nald'thal Balance Scales

Phase Two (Balancing the Scale)

This is the raid wiper. Nald’Thal summons three Soul Vessels on the battlefield — each one is modeled after a player in the raid party. Each Alliance can take one of them. These have a few attacks, like the conal AoE Twingaze and the stack marker from Magmatic Spell. But the most important part is what comes next. When all three are dead, Nald’Thal will split the room in half with giant scales.

Small weights will appear above each raid member, while bigger weights appear above the Soul Vessel corpses. You need to balance the scale that Nald’Thal is holding, and you only have a few seconds to do so. If you leave the Soul Vessels on one side, most of the raid can stack on the other. Regardless, pay attention to how the scale changes as you move — it’ll take a split second for the scale to indicate a change so be patient before switching positions. If you do not achieve balance, the Tipped Scales attack is an instant wipe. If you balanced the scales, it’ll do heavy damage but won’t kill the raid.

Phase Three

Similar to Phase One but with a few new attacks. If you survived Phase Two, you’re almost done.

  • Hearth Above, Flight Below: A combination of Heat Above, Flames Below and Far Above, Deep Below with an additional line stack marker for the rest of the raid.
  • Hell’s Trial: Another raid-wide AoE immediately after Hearth Above, Flight Below.

Outside of weighing the scale in Phase Two, this isn’t a prohibitively difficult fight. With that, you’ve finished the first wing of Myths of the Realm. And hey, it’s great to cross more gods off your hit list.

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