FFXIV All Saint’s Wake October 2022 Quest Info, Emote, Rewards, and More

All Saint's Wake is back for the spooky season with a Halloween-themed quest and new items, including the Eat Pumpkin Cookie emote!

It seems that we got a doubleheader for All Saint’s Wake this year in Final Fantasy XIV. The critically acclaimed MMORPG is ringing in the spooky season with All Saint’s Wake for October 2022 which kicks off on October 19 at 1:00 a.m. PT and goes on until November 1 at 7:59 a.m. PT.

During this period, you can earn some neat Halloween-themed rewards if you complete the seasonal event’s limited time questline. This iteration of the event is called March of the Mischievous Costume Cortege, and we have all the information you need here.

The official FFXIV site, aka The Lodestone, teased the event in a blog post with the following passage:

“As the days grow shorter and the leaves turn shades of red and gold, the bite of autumn’s chill can be felt throughout the realm. The season of frights has begun at last, and the streets are decked with jolly jack-o’-lanterns and baleful bats. Preparations for a costume cortege proceed apace, but it is anyone’s guess what spooky surprises this event holds in store…”

All Saint’s Wake October 2022 Quest Location

To start the All Saint’s Wake October 2022 event, you must talk to the NPC named Adventurer’s Guild Investigator located in Old Gridania (X: 10.3, Y: 9.1). He will give you the quest titled “A Mad Masquerade” and send you on your way. You can do so with any Job that is at level 15 or higher.

All Saint’s Wake October 2022 Rewards

As for your quest rewards, you’ll earn a glamour gear set inspired by Victorian-era doctors. These gear pieces are the Wake Doctor’s Mask (head), Wake Doctor’s White Coat (body), Wake Doctors Rubber Gloves (hands), Wake Doctor’s Bottoms (legs), and Wake Doctor’s Shoes (feet). All pieces of gear are dyeable.

You will also be able to get the new and super cute Eat Pumpkin Cookie emote and the Cage Wisp tabletop furnishing. You can take a look at all these rewards in the teaser screenshots below.

All Things FFXIV and Patch 6.25

This edition of All Saint’s Wake comes the day after FFXIV Patch 6.25 goes live. The patch releases on October 18 following a regular maintenance period starting the night before.

Patch 6.25 includes some exciting new content, including the debut of the Variant and Criterion dungeons, the next gathering Tribal Quests starring the Omicron on Ultima Thule, and another round of Hildibrand quests. You’ll be able to start getting the Endwalker-era relic weapons as well. These are the Manderville weapons, which are earned through the Hildibrand quests, so get to it!

A bunch of new FFXIV information was shared in the latest Live Letter which was part of the FFXIV team’s 14-hour livestream broadcast. So, if you haven’t heard, Fan Fest is coming back in-person with dates in July 2023 for Las Vegas, NV (North America), October 2023 for London, UK (Europe), and sometime in 2024 for Japan.