Destiny 2 Vex Mind Components Guide – Vex Offensive Bounties

The Vex Offensive has begun in Destiny 2 and you can now trade with Ikora.

With the all-new season pass, Destiny 2 players can earn a bunch of Vex Mind Components. But what are these for? Can you get more of them? This is everything we know about the mysterious Destiny 2 Vex Mind Components. Take a look and get ready for the Vex Offensive!

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How to Earn Vex Mind Components – Destiny 2

The only way you can earn Vex Mind Components right now is through the Season of the Undying Season Pass. You’ll earn a hundred or so of these throughout your climb this season. The first batch of 50 is earned at Rank 12. Naturally, you may be wondering what to do with them.

Ikora Rey at the Tower now awards daily bounties, as well. You can complete these for further Vex Mind Components — as well as XP and Glimmer. There will likely be more ways to earn Vex Mind Components in the future.

The Vex Offensive began on Saturday, Oct. 5 of 2019. Which means you can get in there now and mix things up with those machine minds!

What To Do With Vex Mind Components – Destiny 2

The description calls Vex Mind Components “rare synthoneural components” which are important for “Vex Gate Network communication and navigation.” It instructs you to bring them to Ikora in exchange for Vex weapon artifacts. Now that the Vex Offensive has begun in Destiny 2, you can actually take them to her. She will take them in exchange for bounties that award Vex-themed Season of the Undying weapons.

Bear in mind that most of these bounties have prerequisite conditions! You need to do things like kill Vex with a certain type of weapon, first. Only then do you need to enter the Vex Offensive and properly annihilate a Gate Lord or three. That’s why we recommend finishing the first, more specific step of each bounty before entering the Vex Offensive. It’s just safer!

Vex Offensive Vex Mind Components

How to Begin the Vex Offensive in Destiny 2

The Vex Offensive is here, folks! It dropped at the same time as the Shadowkeep raid: Garden of Salvation. Although it works pretty different from that high-level activity. The Vex Offensive operates very similar to the Menagerie. You kill waves of enemies and complete special challenges, moving from room to room, in order to face a special boss.

The whole thing comes with a recommended Power level of 750 minimum. That means anybody with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep should be ready to play. The main reward is progress toward those Vex artifact bounties Ikora gives you. Although it’s worth noting that the activity itself also grants Tier 2 Powerful gear.

And there you have it, folks! There’s nothing too mysterious about Vex Mind Components or the Vex Offensive. They’re both just new ways to earn extra Powerful gear and complete bounties. They should fit in nicely with the many, many other activities you ought to complete each week.

Make sure to stay tuned for more of our Destiny 2 coverage and Shadowkeep impressions as they develop. Until then, take care!