Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn Guide – And Out Fly the Wolves Quest Steps

The Bungie 30th Anniversary Event is officially live, which means there’s a bunch of new content coming to Destiny 2. Along with a six-player matchmade activity, players can explore the new Grasp of Avarice dungeon set in the fabled loot cave. There’s also a bunch of new armor and weapons that users can unlock or purchase in the Eververse store, all of which are tied to the history of this developer.

Of course, one of the most exciting additions is the fabled Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher. So if you’re looking to gatekeep people on LFG because they don’t have this rocket launcher, here’s how to unlock the Gjallarhorn.

Destiny 2 Unlock Gjallarhorn

How to Unlock the Gjallarhorn

Before we get into the exotic quest, I should note that this firearm is only available to those who purchased the Bungie Anniversary Bundle for $24.99. If you do not own this DLC, then this exotic rocket launcher is unobtainable.

1. Complete the Dares of Eternity and Grab the Quest from Xur

When you load into the game for the first time since the update, you will be thrust into the new Dares of Eternity activity. This is a six-man activity that acts like a game show for people who like to shoot aliens. Completing it for the first time will cause you to be whisked away to Xur’s treasure room. Speak to Xur and then scroll to the second page in his vendor menu. You should see the quest there for you to grab. Now go visit Shaw Han in the Cosmodrome.

2. Complete the Grasp of Avarice

After speaking to Shaw Han, you’ll be tasked with completing the new Grasp of Avarice dungeon. Set at 1310 Light, this is a fairly simple endgame activity. While some of the encounters can be a little tricky at first glance, you shouldn’t have too much trouble once you get a handle on how each encounter plays out. Remember: There’s no matchmaking for dungeons, so you’ll need to find a fireteam. This dungeon has a bunch of puzzles, but only three core encounters — two of which are bosses. There’s also a Sparrow section where you’ll need to race to disarm mines before they explode.

If you don’t want to go into the Grasp of Avarice dungeon blind, here’s a full walkthrough of every major encounter!

4. Defeat 7 Powerful Fallen in the Cosmodrome

Once the dungeon is complete, you will need to go back to Shaw Han. He will inform you that you still need to reassemble this rocket launcher. To do so, you’ll have to gather 7 Wolfpack Rounds, which are rewarded for killing powerful Fallen enemies in the Cosmodrome. The two best ways to do this are by either completing any of the Fallen-focused Public Events or going to Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector in The Divide. Both are solid options and it only took me two runs of the Lost Sector to finish this step.

Destiny 2 Unlock Gjallarhorn

5. Complete the Exodus Garden 2A

After flying to The Tower and speaking to Banshee-44, you have one more real step left to earn the Gjallarhorn. Go back to the Cosmodrome and head to the Lost Sector shown above. You don’t need to complete it on Legendary or Master difficulty, so go breeze through it. Once you defeat the boss, open the chest to finish this step. Now go back to Shaw Han and head into the small workshop directly across from where he’s standing. You’ll see a small workbench in the corner. Approaching it will prompt you to put the weapon back together, so just hold down Interact until the circle is completed.

Speak to Shaw Han for a final time to earn the exotic rocket launcher and scourge of LFGs everywhere, the Gjallarhorn! However, if you want the catalyst you’ll need to dive back into the dungeon once more.