Destiny 2 Unauthorized Departure Guide – How to Finish Medallion Stallion

Medallion thee Stallion

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games has arrived once more, so it’s time to prove which of the three classes is truly the best. While this event will once again revolve around players turning in medals they earn to improve their standing on the podium, Bungie has also added a few new features. Perhaps the biggest is the return of Strike Scoring, which was a popular mode in the original Destiny. There are also cosmetics for players to unlock, another chance to earn the Heir Apparent exotic, and a new submachine gun called The Title.

While many players will be focusing on farming the new submachine gun (once its droprate is fixed) or trying to earn more points in Strike Scoring, others will be hunting down the various cosmetics added into the game. One of these is the Unauthorized Departure exotic ship

How to Get Unauthorized Departure

To unlock Unauthorized Departure you need to complete the Medallion Stallion triumph. This triumph is only available during Guardian Games, meaning once this event ends you won’t be able to unlock it. As for the triumph itself, all you need to do is keep depositing medals into the podium. The higher tier medallion you deposit the more progress you will make towards completing this triumph. Like many event triumphs, Medallion Stallion is broken up into four sections. Completing one of the sections will reward you with a medallion of increasing rarity, with finishing the triumph unlocking the Unauthorized Departure ship.

Unlike a lot of the other aspects of Guardian Games, your progress won’t reset every week. Because of this, you will always be making progress towards Medallion Stallion. To help speed this along, make sure to always pick up either Gold or Platinum Contender Cards. These will make the most progress towards completing this triumph and have the added benefit of helping along your Medallion Battalion quest as well. If you’re a solo player, I recommend doing the Vanguard Contender Cards or the Lost Sector Platinum Cards, as they can be quickly finished with little effort.

Remember, these Contender Cards will also cost Laurels to purchase so make sure to have your Guardian Games class item on at all times. Not having it equipped won’t cause Laurels to drop, which can make farming medallions pretty tedious. You should also make sure to finish a variety of other triumphs while completing Contender Cards, as these will often award Bronze, Silver, and Gold medallions as well. There is a Gold medallion offered after completing three Crucible, Vanguard, Gambit, Seasonal, and Throne World Contender Cards. This will help speed things along, ensuring that you are making the most out of your medallion grinding.

But honestly, you don’t need to min/max your medallion farming. I only have about 4-5 hours into the event and I am almost halfway done with this triumph. Given you have a few weeks until this event ends, I do not doubt that you can complete Medallion Stallion by just casually playing. Just make sure to select the triumph once i