Destiny 2 Synthweave Guide – How to Get Synthweave Templates

Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph is almost halfway over and there are a bunch of new armor sets for players to hunt down. With the introduction of transmogrification in the Shadowkeep expansion, players can transform any armor into ornaments they can wear over their currently equipped gear.  However, this requires Synthweave, which is a currency that players can either earn in-game or buy from the store. So if you want to show off your favorite armor in Destiny 2, here’s how to earn Synthweave for transmogrification.

How to Get Synthweave

At the time of writing this, there are only two ways to earn Synthweave in Destiny 2. The first is by directly purchasing it in the shop for real-world money. Synthweave can either be purchased individually for 300 Silver a piece or a pack of five Synthweave for 1,000 Silver. Additionally, you can sometimes obtain Synthweave as a part of other cosmetic bundles. This item is never available for Bright Dust and is not a reward in the season pass.

Obviously, this isn’t ideal so players will want to start visiting Ada-1 in the lower levels of The Tower. While this vendor is usually associated with armor mods, she also sells Threader bounties. These bounties are tied to a variety of activities and completing one will earn you Armor Synthesis Materials. There are five different types of Threader bounties, each of which is tied to different activities. These bounties are:

  • Vanguard Threader – Vanguard Op/Nightfalls
  • Crucible Threader – PVP
  • Gambit Threader – Gambit matches
  • Destination Threader – World activities
  • Raid/Dungeon Threader – Any raid or dungeon activity

Destiny 2 Synthweave

Each bounty costs 10,000 Glimmer and you can only hold one of each Threader bounty at a time. Once you finish a Threader bounty, you will earn 100 Armor Synthesis Materials. Take these materials to Ada-1’s location in The Tower and interact with the Loom behind her. Your Guardian will slot the material into the machine and instantly earn a single Synthweave that’s exclusively tied to that character. Meaning if I turn in my Armor Synthesis Material on my Warlock the Sythweave I get can only be used on that Warlock.

Additionally, you can only earn 10 Synthweave this way per character a season. Meaning, if you complete 10 Threader bounties on each character you can obtain a total of 30 Synthweave. Now, this may change with Lightfall’s release, but currently, this is your only method for getting this transmog currency without spending money.