Destiny 2 Synthstrand Guide – How to Earn Synthstrand for Transmog

Guardians Make it Work

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer is here and it’s time to elevate your fashion game. Along with new weapons, a 6 player activity, exotics, story missions, and season pass, the heavily requested armor transmogrification feature is finally arriving. While players can buy armor sets for Silver via the Eververse store, those willing to put the work in can grind for these sets. Broken up across four steps, Season of the Splicer introduces a new currency called Synthstrand which Guardians will need to begin their journey towards crafting the perfect-looking armor.

How to Earn Synthstrand

To earn Synthstrand all you need to do is kill enemies. That’s it. While it’s not a guaranteed drop from every enemy, you will earn it passively as enemies are destroyed. Similar to Glimmer, it won’t drop on the floor, so you can keep track by going into your inventory. Additionally, you need to complete the opening quests from Ada-1 for transmogrification to unlock.

Synthstrand is a new currency and because of that, you’ll be drowning in it throughout the season. It doesn’t matter what activity you decide to play, so long as you are killing foes you’ll be earning Synthstrand. If you’re looking to farm as much as possible, you’ll want to focus on activities with a high concentration of enemies. The absolute best choices are the Shadow Thrall hallway in The Shattered Throne dungeon and Shuro Chi’s encounter in The Last Wish raid. Both offer a comical amount of foes you can slaughter with very little effort.

If you want something that doesn’t require some prep work, you can head into the Battleground activity, Blind Well, Altars of Sorrow, or even the Strike playlist. As for Lost Sector, my personal favorite is the Kingship Dock in the Tangled Shore. It can be completed in only a couple of minutes and averages around 50-60 enemies per run. Since you need a 150 Synthstrand to purchase bounties from Ada-1, this method will let you swiftly acquire the needed currency for these quests.

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Of course, you aren’t done once you start completing bounties from Ada-1, as these will reward you with Synthcord. Another consumable item tied to armor transmog, players can bring this to the Loom in the Tower to transform it into Synthweave. This can then be turned in to earn an armor ornament which you can apply to any gear tied to that class. Keep in mind it will take some time to fully create a single Synthweave since the bounties given out by Ada-1 take some time.

There are five in total, each one tied to different activities such as Strikes, Gambit, Crucible, dungeons, and even destinations activities like the Blind Well. Because of this, I always recommend grinding for Synthstrand so you can purchase bounties that coincide with what you’re currently doing. It’s a multi-step process, but one you can make a lot of progress on even when you’re focusing on other aspects of Destiny 2.