Destiny 2 Signal Intercepted Guide – How to Start the New Quest

A new, very brief quest is now live in Destiny 2. Revealed during last week’s This Week at Bungie news update, the developers explained that they would be introducing a new quest to honor Vicarious Visions’ Matt Helsom. Mr. Helsom worked on Destiny 2 through Vicarious Visions, so Bungie has immortalized him in a small, hidden quest. However, like many things in Destiny 2, Bungie doesn’t outwardly explain where you need to go. Instead, players will need to decipher a photo and text clue that pops up when you first log on.

Here’s how to start and finish the Signal Intercepted quest:

Destiny 2 Signal Intercepted Quest

How to Complete Signal Intercepted

When you load up the game, head to where Ana Bray is on Mars. Instead of talking to her, hang a left and head through the base leading up to Rasputin. Early on, you’ll have to squeeze through a long, narrow tube to reach the otherside. Normally, you would hang a left here, but instead, go to that small computer terminal to your left. Inside you’ll see a prompt to interact with the device, but no sound or response will trigger once the bar is filled up. It’s possible this is a bug, but you can continue this very brief quest.

Now, head back to where Ana Bray is and speak to her. She will explain that we found Helsom’s journal and will give you some in-universe backstory on this person. At the end of your dialogue, she’ll reward you with an Exotic Cipher which is used at the Cryptarch or Xur. This item allows you to snag an Exotic quest tied to one of several seasonal weapons that players cannot obtain anymore. So, if you’re new to Destiny 2 and want to pick up an Exotic that you missed this is your best chance.

Of the selection, I strongly recommend Eriana’s Vow, as it’s perhaps the best weapon for breaking enemy Barrier Champion’s shields. This has become a core component of a lot team’s loadouts, especially during higher tier Nightfall: The Ordeals. Other weapons you can acquire include Leviathan’s Breath, Bastion, Devil’s Ruin, and Symmetry. All of these are entertaining to use, but only Eriana’s Vow is used by endgame players. If you have this gun, then either Devil’s Ruin or Bastion should be your second choice.

For those that have everything, you can just turn this into Xur when he arrives on Friday to receive a free Exotic. If you still need some armor with 60+ stat rolls, this will give you a shot at obtaining it. There are no other steps in this quest and you cannot complete it more than once. You’ll only have one Exotic Cipher to use, so make it count.

Rest in Peace Matt Helsom and thank you for helping create this incredible world.