Destiny 2 Shared Fears Triumph Guide – How to Find the Cek’ik Boss

Fear factory.

At long last, Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted has arrived. As expected, there’s a whole new seasonal quest to follow through, as well as new armor sets, weapons, and a haunting atmosphere in every corner. Considering how much is there to unpack, from Solar 3.0 to yet another list of weapon ornaments, we’re diving into all things Destiny 2. This guide focuses on the Destiny 2 Shared Fears Triumph and how to find the Cek’ik boss to complete it.

Destiny 2 Shared Fears Triumph – How to Find Each of the Nightmares and Defeat Cek’ik

The Shared Fears Triumph asks you to defeat each of the Nightmares linked by an old bond of war in the Derelict Leviathan. It’s not super clear where exactly these encounters take place or how to trigger them, but here are the steps.

First, head over to Castellum (Derelict Leviathan) from the Moon’s destination tab. Then, we have to do a short trip to the Royal Pools. For this, as soon as you arrive, go around the massive Callum statue and enter the back door. Use that corridor to find the Pleasure Gardens.

As soon as you enter this second area, head to the left side of the room and toward the open door there. Again, follow the new corridor all the way to the other side and you’ll end up in the Royal Pools.

Now that we’re in the Royal Pools, it’s time to search for Loyalists. The key for the Destiny 2 Shared Fears Triumph is to defeat as many Scorn warriors and Nightmare Lurkers as necessary until The Drowned, The Sunken, and lastly the Nightmare of Cek’ik show up. Yes, you need to beat two minibosses before going head to toe against Cek’ik.

It’s going to take some time and luck to trigger the encounters, but I was able to find encounter them in the Royal Pools. The key advice is to stay around long enough until you see The Sunken, which is the sign that you’re on the right path. The area might be crowded by Loyalists, but just try and focus on Scorn foes and take as many of them down.

After you’ve taken down a few, you’re going to see Nightmare Lurkers and other Scorn enemies with the Nightmare variant on the name above their health bars. Focus fire them until The Drowned appears.

Repeat the same process again until you stumble upon The Drowned, which is the second miniboss of the encounter. Afterward, I got a message on screen notifying me that “the Nightmare trinity merges into a Gestalt being,” which led me to the final encounter. I can’t be certain there weren’t more minibosses aside from The Sunken and The Drowned, as there were other players in the area that might have gotten to a third one. That being said, the process should be the same regardless.

After the message, search for the Nightmare of Cek’ik, Seeker of the Deep, who is around the area. During my encounter, I saw the boss inside one of the rooms, but this may vary. Take them down to get a message saying that “the Gestalt Nightmare is defeated, the Nightmares fade,” and the encounter will be over.

That’s all for the Destiny 2 Shared Fears Triumph!

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