Destiny 2 Season 13 Week 2 Challenges Tips Guide

Bungie heard us complaining about the Cosmodrome.

One of the big changes for Destiny 2’s new Season of the Chosen is the replacement of weekly vendor bounties. Instead, your quests tab has a new hub for new Seasonal Challenges. For the first ten weeks of each season, Bungie will be adding new weekly quests via this new system in an effort to make up for the lost XP and Bright Dust rewards. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the Destiny 2 Season 13, Week 2 challenges and offering some tips for fast completion.

How Do These New Challenges Work?

The new weekly challenges work about how you’d expect them to. Each week, Bungie will be adding more though there won’t be a specific number of challenges each time. You have until the end of the season to complete them, so no worries if you’re not keeping up with the progression as you go. In fact, waiting makes it a bit easier to complete the whole thing faster as you can earn progress across multiple challenges at once.

Completion Tips

For the fastest possible completion, we recommend completing the playlist requirements first.

  • It seems as if you continue to earn progress even if you’ve completed the previous week’s challenge.
    • For example, if you earned 200 Cabal Gold last week, this week’s challenge should already be done.
    • The data indicates this will continue to be a weekly challenge for most of the season so keep earning Gold!
  • Make sure to focus your engrams into “Chosen” engrams and not “Worldly” engrams. Worldly engrams do not count!
  • Grab Cosmodrome bounties and complete them primarily using elemental weapons.
  • Play Showdown in Crucible before it rotates next week otherwise you’ll need to wait for it to come back around.
  • Run The Arms Dealer or Insight Terminus five times for Cabal bosses.

Contender’s Ascent II

Report to the War Table in the HELM and complete the Challenger’s Proving II quest. 

  • Complete Challenger’s Proving II

Rewards: XP, Empress Lore Chapter, Medium War Table Reputation

Challenger’s Proving II has a few steps for you to complete. First you need to visit the new Battleground: Cleansing activity in the Cosmodrome. Next you’ll have to gather 28 Cabal Gold by completing activities. After that, socket a Challenger Medallion, complete a Battleground in the playlist, and smash open the chest at the end.

Golden Reaper

Acquire 200 Cabal Gold by playing strikes, Gambit, Crucible, public events, and more.

Rewards: XP, Medium War Table Reputation

As per our guide, Cabal Gold is earned by completing various activities. We recommend completing Heroic Public Events if you’re specifically grinding for this challenge. Completing one with the Heroic modifier will reward eight Cabal Gold. Given how fast these can be completed, you can easily earn quite a bit in just under 30 minutes. Do them on Europa to also earn progress towards the Icebound challenge.

Otherwise, you’ll likely earn a big chunk of the 200 Cabal Gold simply by completing the other challenges here.

Crash and Converge

Smash ten Tribute Chests and focus ten Season of the Chosen Engrams using charges from the Hammer of Proving.

Rewards: XP, Medium War Table Reputation

This one’s simple. Play Battlegrounds and open chests at the end. Focus those Season of the Chosen engrams as you can. Make sure they’re for Season of the Chosen weapons and engrams though, worldly engrams won’t count. For easier progress in the future, unlock upgrades for your hammer which give you more umbral engrams.

The Bigger They Are…

Defeat 60 Elite or Boss Cabal anywhere in the system.

Rewards: XP

You’ll likely complete this one going for all of the other challenges, no reason to grind super hard for it. When in doubt, Battlegrounds is going to be a great way to rack up those Elite kills.

Trials of the Tinker

Unlock 12 Artifact Mods.

Rewards: Double XP, Bright Dust

Well, there’s no cheating your way through this one. You’ll need to level up your artifact 12 times and use all 12 mod unlocks complete this challenge. At least it rewards double the amount of XP as a normal challenge does though!

Chosen Cosmonaut

In Cosmodrome, earn ten progress by completing bounties, patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors.

  • Must complete at least ten bounties.

Rewards: XP, Bright Dust

Bungie may have done away with Flashpoints, but they’re still here in essence. This week, it’s the Cosmodrome which is good because there’s really no reason to go there and there will be no further updates to its size. Just make sure you use elemental weapons while doing so to progress the next challenge.

Expose to the Elements

Calibrate elemental weapons in the Cosmodrome.

Rewards: XP, Bright Dust

You’ll need a total of 200 points in this challenge. Might as well work on your Cosmodrome bounties while you’re at it.

Drifter’s Chosen

Earn 250 points by banking Motes, defeating Blockers, and defeating Invaders in Gambit.

Rewards: XP, Bright Dust

Hop on into Gambit and get grinding! If you have last week’s challenge still incomplete, it’s a great time to knock both of them out, especially with double Infamy live this week!

Entertain Lord Shaxx

Complete 15 matches in the Showdown Crucible playlist. Earn bonus progress for wins.

Rewards: XP, Bright Dust

Time to dive back into this week’s rotating Crucible mode. This time it’s Showdown. At least you don’t absolutely need to win matches, but hopefully it won’t take you the full 15 games.

Dominance Operandi: Cabal

Defeat 5 Cabal bosses strikes. 

Rewards: XP, Bright Dust

Don’t play the strike playlist. Instead manually select The Arms Dealer or Insight Terminus.