Destiny 2 Revision Zero Guide – Operation: Seraph’s Shield Quest

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph has arrived and it’s time to reunite with everyone’s favorite, murderous Warmind, Rasputin. Revolving around repairing the broken remnants of Rasputin, players will need to team up with Clovis and Ana Bray to fix one of the Vanguard’s strongest allies. This season also includes a new dungeon, seasonal activity, weapons, armor, and an updated loot pool for the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Additionally, players can hunt down the new Revision Zero pulse rifle, which promises to be the most customizable exotic weapon yet. Boasting four catalysts, players will need to complete The Hidden Shape quest to obtain this firearm.

Here’s how to unlock Revision Zero and complete the Operation: Seraph’s Shield mission:

How to Get Revision Zero

1. Complete the Weekly Seasonal Story Quest

To start, you will need to complete the weekly season story quest. This just involves speaking to Clovis, completing a Heist: Battleground, and then talking to Elise at the H.E.L.M. Once you talk to her at the holoprojector, she will give you The Hidden Shape quest. Now open up your destination map for the H.E.L.M. and launch Operation: Seraph’s Shield in the bottom right corner.

Destiny 2 Operation Seraphs Shield

2. Complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield

Welcome to Operation: Seraph’s Shield. When you spawn in you’ll need to make your way to the large Warmind base on the other end of the forest. Unsurprisingly, there are a bunch of Seraph towers that will target you with the security laser beam once you come into range. Similar to previous levels, you can avoid being incinerated by these lasers by breaking line of sight when they target you. Carefully make your way to the bunker and then enter through the only open door.

Progress through the hallways until you reach a room that looks suspiciously like part of the boss room from the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Inside you’ll find a few Fallen enemies, including one with an odd yellow symbol over its head. Kill all the enemies and approach the yellow projection the one enemy left behind. This is the Scanner buff and it allows you to see and interact with specific terminals or objects in the environment. Any item you can interact with this buff will be glowing yellow (shown above). Once you have the Scanner buff, interact with the three terminals in this small room to summon a few elevators.

Take the elevators up to the space station orbiting Earth. Take a moment to admire the view once you arrive and then proceed through the door with the white force field. Going through any door with this white shield will strip you of any Scanner, Operator, and Suppressor buffs you might have. It will not kill you. Make your way into the next room and kill all the Fallen enemies inside. Pick up the Scanner buff and interact with the glowing terminal inside this room. Doing so will unlock a vent along the left wall (shown above) which leads to the room on the other side of the glass. Enter the other room, kill the enemies, and hit the second terminal. Return to the original room you got the Scanner buff and enter the blue room on the right to see the final terminal next to the door.

Jump across the gap and deposit your Scanner buff in the terminal to proceed. Follow the path until you reach a large yellow-colored room with multiple, smaller rooms attached on either side. After clearing out all the enemies, pick up the Scanner buff and interact with the terminal against the pillar. Directly adjacent to this pillar will be a vent above a locked door. Go into the vent, enter the room filled with deadly lasers, and activate the terminal on the other side of the room. Remember, touching these beams will instantly kill you so take your time as you traverse through this area.

Destiny 2 Revision Zero

Go back out into the main chamber and look at the glass wall by the terminal you deposit buffs into. You will see four control panels, one of which will be glowing yellow if you have the Scanner buff. Remember which of the four terminals is glowing yellow, deposit your buff, and head into the unlocked room. Inside this chamber, you’ll find a raised section with four control panels (shown above). Interact with the control panel that is linked to the glowing yellow terminal you saw through the glass. For example, if the last terminal on the right was glowing yellow you will want to interact with the last control panel on the right inside of this side room. Doing so will unlock the next door and allow you to proceed. If you select the wrong one you will instantly die.

Pick the Scanner buff up, enter the newly unlocked door, and proceed down the hallway. Upon entering a large, vertical blue-colored room a bunch of sentry turrets will begin firing at you. Blast them all and then use the Scanner buff to identify a few drones flying around the room. These will be glowing yellow and destroying them all will unlock the next door at the top of this room.

This next section will require a bit of teamwork or memorization depending on if you’re playing with friends. Slay all the Fallen, pick up the Scanner buff, and look through the glass window on the second floor. You should see the room in the image above, which showcases three sets of three terminals. One terminal in each set of three should be glowing. Remember which ones and drop down to the bottom floor.

If you’re with a friend, have them deposit their Scanner buff and enter the room. Keep yours and look through the window. For solo players, you might want to break out some paper or take a few notes because you’ll need to memorize the glowing path above. As you might expect, players without the Scanner buff cannot see the glowing panels on the floor. Stepping on the wrong one will instantly kill you, so you’ll need to stay on the designated path that is highlighted yellow for the Scanner.

Oh, there are also laser beams you’ll need to not run into. Slowly make your way to each set of control panels and interact with the one that’s tied to the glowing terminals in the room above. Just like before, if the middle terminal in a set of three was glowing you need to interact with the middle control panel. Do this for all three control panels scattered around the room to deactivate the security systems. You can now safely enter and run around the room.

In the next room, kill the enemies and grab the glowing red hologram one of the Fallen Vandals drops. This is the Operator buff and it allows you to shoot specific panels that will be glowing red. Just like the Scanner buff, anyone without the Operator buff cannot see these panels, and shooting them will do nothing. You must have the Operator buff to have the control panels you blast activate. Shoot the three panels around this small room to open up the door.

When you enter the next area, kill the Fallen, pick up the Operator buff, and enter the red section of this room on the left. Along the left wall, you should see the first control panel with a glowing red symbol on it. Shoot this to unlock the door at the end of this room. A few Hive enemies will come swarming in so dispose of them and enter the newly unlocked area.

Destiny 2 Revision Zero

In the back right corner of this unlocked room, you will find a vent that you can enter. Crawl through the vent until you reach a portion where half of the vent is missing. Approach this broken part of the vent and peak through the hole into the next room. You should see the next control panel on a pillar along the back right corner. Shoot this to unlock the vent in the original room you entered. This vent is behind a pillar and will lead you into another small area with a few Hive enemies. After killing them, approach the back wall and shoot the last control panel through the hole in the middle of the glass. Go back out of the room where the Hive Shriekers spawned and enter the room on the left.

You will get a quest update that asks you to find the West Quadrant Control Room Key. This is dropped by the yellow-bar Fallen Captain that’s roaming around this room. Once you grab it, enter the boss room, drop a Rally Banner, and shoot the explosive tanks in the middle. This will summon Haroktha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers, and a few Fallen foes. Damage Haroktha until their immunity shield is thrown up. Once this happens three Fallen Brigs will spawn in the back left, back right, and center parts of the arena. Destroying these will unlock the door in the back of the room and Haroktha will retreat for now. Go down the hallway until you reach a dead end with a bunch of Fallen on the other side of a glass wall. “Surrender” your weapons when prompted to be warped onto a Fallen Ketch.

Upon getting your guns back, kill the crew, and then interact with the terminal to open up the Ketch’s front door. Now carefully begin making your way down to the space station below. You will be jumping on these metal catwalks, which can be located by the glowing red lights on them. There are quite a few, so consider breaking out your sword for easier traversal. Eventually, you’ll reach a section where an Operator Fallen will spawn. Kill it and take the Operator buff. Now shoot the three control panels by where this enemy appeared to force more walkways to form.

Continue along the exterior of this space station until you are faced with a large swarm of Hive enemies. After dispatching all of them, go inside of space station and kill Haroktha who is waiting for you. There are no more immunity phases, so you can burn right through this boss with little trouble. Enter the next room, kill the enemies, and pick up the Operator buff. Now shoot the glowing control panel on the center console to unlock one of the side rooms. Go inside, slay the Fallen Scanner, grab the Scanner buff, and interact with the glowing terminal. Return to the main room and repeat this process for the other door. This will unlock a door and give you access to the next room.

In the yellow-colored room, slaughter the Fallen foes and then grab the Operator buff if you don’t have it. Shoot the control panel on the upside-down pillar (shown above) to unlock the side room. Now kill the Fallen Scanner inside, grab their Scanner buff, and interact with the terminal inside this room. This will activate a portal by the upside-down pillar which sends you to the last section of this mission.

Now deposit your buffs to unlock the door and enter the next room. Inside this small area will be a Servitor with an invulnerability shield and a Fallen rocking a blue hologram over its head. Kill this Fallen enemy and pick up the Suppressor buff it drops. With this buff, you can see floating drones that will glow blue and have a marked, circular radius underneath them. Stand in this marked area and shoot the boss while you have the Suppressor buff. Doing so will activate the drone, so repeat this process two more times until all three drones are activated. Once the last drone is triggered, a door will unlock with a red shield generator inside. Shoot this regardless if you have a buff or not to destroy it. This will lower the invulnerability shield around the Servitor allowing you to kill it.

The last boss fight in this mission is exactly like the Servitor, just on a larger scale. When you enter, damage the boss until they become invulnerable, and then grab the Suppressor buff. There will be three drones that are glowing blue around the arena. Stand underneath each one with this buff and shoot the boss once. After all three drones are activated, three shield generators will appear on the left, right, and front of the arena. Destroying all of them will lower Praksis’ shield allowing you to damage them. Repeat this process until Praksis is defeated. Now just enter the marked side room and open the chest to complete this mission to progress the Revision Zero quest.

Destiny 2 Revision Zero

3. Return to the H.E.L.M.

You’re almost done with the Revision Zero quest! Now go back to the H.E.L.M. and speak to Clovis’ Exo. He will give you the Revision Zero, but one that has a red border around it.

4. Shape the Revision Zero

With your new exotic equipped, go to any patrol location and kill enough enemies until you can extract the Deepsight Resonance from the gun. Once this is done, make your wave to The Enclave in Savathun’s Throne World and craft this weapon. Similar to Osteo Striga, the Revision Zero can be leveled-up and obtain new perks. Once you craft the gun, interact with the little side console on the crafter to complete this mission! Don’t worry about any catalysts for now, those will begin unlocking next week so take this time to level up Revision Zero and think about what perks you want to use!

Now that you have the Revision Zero, why don’t you go blast all those pesky security drones around the solar system for the Seraph seal?