Destiny 2 Resonate Stems Guide – How to Get Resonate Stems

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph has arrived and it’s time to reunite with everyone’s favorite, murderous Warmind, Rasputin. Revolving around repairing the broken remnants of Rasputin, players will need to team up with Clovis and Ana Bray to fix one of the Vanguard’s strongest allies. This season also includes a new dungeon, seasonal activity, weapons, armor, and an updated loot pool for the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Unsurprisingly, there are also new seasonal currencies that players will need to grind for. One of these is Resonate Stems, which are used in conjunction with the Resonance Amp to produce Override Frequencies. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty simple once you break it all down. Here’s how to get and use Resonate Stems in Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 Resonate Stems

How to Get Resonate Stems

Similar to Seraph Key Codes, this material drops from various activities in Destiny 2. You can earn two Resonate Stems from completing any playlist activity and three from opening the second chest in the new Heist Battleground. Because of this, you’ll want to want to grind either strikes or Crucible matches since these will be much faster than grinding materials and finishing the new seasonal activity. The best times to grind for a bunch of Resonate Stems will be when either Mayhem or Team Scorched is in the weekly Crucible mode. These are exceptionally fast, allowing you to quickly accumulate a bunch of Resonate Stems that you can spend in your Resonance Amp.

It doesn’t appear that you can get Resonate Stems from activities like Lost Sectors or Public Events. Throughout my testing, I wasn’t able to earn any by completing these activities. So either it’s not possible or I am just severely unlucky. You will need a total of four Resonate Stems to obtain a single Override Frequency. You can see how many Resonate Stems you have by highlighting the Resonance Amp in your inventory.

After spending four Resonate Stems you will unlock an Override Frequency. When you get one, move your cursor back over the Resonance Amp to see a coded message in orange text. The message will give you a Destination, Patrol Zone, and a vague description of where you’ll need to go. For example, I got one that read “Luna.Archer.Crevasse.Crash.” This meant I had to go to the Archer’s Line patrol zone on the Moon and look for a large opening in the ground. You’ll find a floating metal diamond that not only plays music when you’re close but will distort your screen (see above). Interacting with this diamond will reward you with a random Ikelos weapon which has a chance to be a Deepsight variant.

At the moment we don’t know how many different Override Frequencies there are, however, you can only hold one at a time. I recommend hunting these diamonds whenever you have the chance, as you can earn yourself some nice loot for your troubles!