Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Urns Guide – All 12 Prophecy Urn Locations

Destiny 2’s newest endgame activity is officially live and it’s the toughest challenge currently available. With a recommended Light of 1040, it can be easy to get decimated by the Taken enemies roaming the Prophecy dungeon. Similar to other dungeons, there are hidden lore items and collectibles scattered throughout that you’ll want to collect. This guide will cover the 12 urns that are hidden in various locations and encounter rooms. Collecting all of them will earn you the “Urn It” triumph, which is not tied to the seasonal title – Forerunner.

(Author’s Note: We want to make sure that all the amazing folks at RaidSecrets get some love. Unsurprisingly, they tracked all these down and we probably would still be wandering around in the dungeon looking for them without this group of dedicated treasure hunters.)

Prophecy Urn Locations

For the urns, all you have to do is hold the Interact button to collect them. These are golden objects and should stand out among the rubble and debris they typically hide around. There’s no lore books tied to the urns, so this is strictly for the Urn It triumph. Additionally, we have included Destiny Youtuber Esoterickk’s video above you are somehow having trouble locating these urns. Keep in mind, each photo is for the urn numbered below it, not above.

Here is every urn location in the new Prophecy dungeon:

Urn 1

The first urn can be found right as you start the dungeon on the Drifter’s ship. Turn to your right and jump onto the scaffolding on your right and then hop onto the rafters above where you initially spawned. You will see the first golden urn tucked into a corner. If you’re having trouble seeing it, try using a Warlock rift or a grenade to lighten the area up.

Urn 2

After you go through the portal to the first encounter room, turn around, and head towards the rocks. Behind the large stone, all the way in the back is the second golden urn. Interact with it to claim this item.

Urn 3

After you open both doors, head past where the Kell Echo is initially standing into the other room. Keep going until you enter an area with four large black orbs in a straight line. You will find the third urn hiding next to a rock on the left between the third and fourth ball.

Urn 4

Urn 4 is after the first encounter, but before the battle with the Phalanx Echo. When you arrive at this boss fight don’t jump across to where the main arena is. Instead, turn and face the golden platforms to your right. Jump across them until you reach the end. Just below these platforms will be a stone walkway with a medium-sized rock on it. Hop down to find the urn hiding behind the rock just below the platforms you were jumping on.

Urn 5

This urn can be found in the desert area right after you kill the Phalanx Echo. When you arrive in this new location, turn to your right and run along the outer edge which is marked by the small stone pillars with small blue lights hovering in front. The third stone tower you come across should have the urn resting next to it. If not, check the one before and after as you may have skipped a tower!

Urn 6

Still in the wasteland, approach the massive set of bones and move between the ribcage. Face away from the side which has the majority of ribs still visible and drive straight. Keep going past the pink glowing base where the Taken spawned until you reach the outer perimeter. You’ll find this urn resting against another of the stone column lining the outside of this section.

Urn 7

The next urn can be found in the Cube puzzle room before you start the actual encounter. When you arrive, move to the right of where you’d place the raid banner. Now look up and across to see a square golden platform with a smaller black square inside of it. The platform directly to the left of this one is where the urn is hiding, so you’ll need to use the terrain to climb up to it. This is pretty easy, but if you’re having trouble with a Hunter, consider throwing the  STOMP-EE5.

Urn 8

This urn is also in the Cube puzzle room, but it only appears after you’ve beaten the encounter. Once again above you, look up at the top platforms until you see a large glowing blue and white sphere nestled near a corner. Make your way up to the platform this sphere is on and you will see the urn hanging upside-down on the ceiling. You may need to jump up to grab it, so make sure to aim for the urn.

Urn 9

Your 9th urn is at the very start of the driving portion everyone has lovingly nicknamed “Rainbow Road.” When you arrive in this location, turn to your right and run up the red ribbons. You’ll see a platform hovering on your right, so jump over to that and claim the urn resting on it.

Urn 10

Another urn found on Rainbow Road, progress through this location until you reach the end of where you can drive. It should be a small diamond-shaped base just before the road turns into a corkscrew forcing you to progress on foot. Head inside and kill the Taken enemies occupying this location. Once you reach the top of the stairs jump out the window on the left to a platform hovering in the air to the left of the window to find the tenth urn.

Urn 11

Urn 11 is before you enter the main boss room, but after you leave Rainbow Road via the trippy gravity lift. When you arrive, go up the stairs on your right and then hand a right down the small hallway that leads to a dead end. Your eleventh urn will be laying on some rubble in the middle of the path. Just be careful because there are a ton of Taken Thrall in this area, so maybe clear them out first!

Urn 12

When you arrive in the boss room, turn around and look up at the large triangle hanging on the wall. You will need to get up to the right side of the triangle above the door you entered. Use the terrain to climb up to the top and claim the final urn in the Prophecy dungeon. This one is pretty easy to get, just make sure to pace yourself and go one at a time so you don’t bump into your teammates!

You are now the proud owner of every urn in the Prophecy dungeon! I hope they are empty…